Nvidia RTX 4090: cables can melt if you plug them in incorrectly

Users have complained of overheating issues on the power connector of Nvidia’s high-end card, resulting in melting cables. The manufacturer has just published the results of its investigations.

Nvidia launched the RTX 4090, its most powerful graphics card, but finds itself facing a class action lawsuit (class action in English) triggered by user Lucas Genova. According to our colleagues from gaming pc, the plaintiff accuses Nvidia of selling the RTX 4090 with defective cables and power connectors, which can lead to serious electrical problems and even a fire hazard. For this, he relies on his own findings, but also on those of other users, mentioned in a Reddit discussion thread. Under heavy load, the 12VHPWR power connector will overheat and the power cable may even melt. In the thread, some users have also questioned the power adapter delivered by Nvidia, which allows the card to be connected to a power supply that does not support the 12VHPWR standard.

Nvidia has therefore launched an investigation to try to understand the origin of the problem. The manufacturer identified around fifty cases and concluded that the connector was often not properly engaged, as shown in the top image below with the presence of a space:

Nvidia 4090 connector
© Nvidia

This hypothesis is also mentioned in a video published by GamersNexus, a site renowned for the seriousness of its PC testing for gamers. You can see microscope views below (go to 19 min 20 sec) that testify that the connector was plugged in incorrectly.

Is this the only cause of the problem? We don’t know yet, but the video above indicates that debris left behind during manufacturing could make the problem worse. In addition, the connector has a locking mechanism and a click should be audible to indicate that it is inserted correctly, which unfortunately is not necessarily the case. It is therefore necessary to carefully check that the connector is inserted correctly.

The good news is that Nvidia assured that the products will be replaced free of charge, regardless of cable or GPU. A relief when you know that the RTX 4090 is sold from 1,949 euros.

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