Oat milk: how healthy and environmentally friendly is the milk substitute?

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Hafermilch he is pleased increasing popularity. It does not do this without good reason, because it not only tastes good, but can also be very healthy if it is unsweetened or even homemade. For many people, the main focus of consumption is that oat milk is a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly Represents an alternative to cow’s milk. One current survey on the consumption of milk substitute products said about 27 percent of the survey participants had consumed oat milk in the past three months.

Who is oat milk for?

Because the oat drink mainly made from oatmeal and water exists, it is well tolerated by many people. In contrast to cow’s milk is oat milk lactose free and thus for people with a lactose intolerance a good alternative.

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However, the drink is grain-based Gluten and therefore cannot be drunk by people with celiac disease. who for the benefit of animal welfare and the climate does not want to use cow’s milk is well served with the oat drink.

Plant-based milk alternatives, including oat milk, are still available significantly more expensive than cow’s milkalthough the ingredients used are relatively cheap. As always Here, too, supply and demand regulate the market: The more sales are achieved with plant-based milk alternatives, the lower the production costs and the more producers get into the business, which goes hand in hand with increasing competitive pressure and falling prices. Those who make oat milk themselves are definitely cheaper.

Oat milk is so healthy

Oat milk is because of the starch in the processed grain naturally sweet. However, they are available in both unsweetened and sweetened versions. For health, it is certainly worthwhile to make sure that you reach for a pack with no added sugar on the shelf.

Oatmeal, the basis for the oat drink, is very healthy. They contain many vitamins, minerals, Fiber and antioxidants. Oats can also lower cholesterol levels. However, if you want to take full advantage of the health benefits, you should enjoy unprocessed oatmeal or make oat milk directly yourself, as many of these substances are lost through processing. Plant drinks also contain less saturated and more unsaturated fatty acids as cow’s milk. In general, oat milk has little fat at one percent compared to cow’s milk. Nevertheless, there are some calories in the herbal alternative: 100 milliliters have about 42 kilocalories.

There is usually little calcium in oat drinks, which is why you can be sure to use an oat milk that fortified with calcium is. Otherwise, calcium can also be absorbed through many other foods. Unlike cow milk, oat milk is also no source of protein. However, the protein required for a balanced diet can also be obtained from other sources, such as legumes, vegetables or nuts.

Make oat milk yourself

Anyone who values ​​a healthy eating lays and of all healthy ingredients would like to benefit that would otherwise be partially destroyed during industrial production, the milk alternative can be made with just a few ingredients do it yourself quickly. As a result, it contains less sugar and tastes less sweet, since in industrial production this is only created during fermentation. It’s also an inexpensive and environmentally friendly option. You need:

  • 100g fine oat flakes
  • 1l water
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • optional: some sugar / dates for sweetening

First the water is boiled. The oat flakes are added to the boiling water and swell there for about an hour. Now add the salt and the sweetness, if desired. The mass is now pureed with the mixer, but it should not be too warm. Finally, the pulp is pressed through a cotton cloth or a fine sieve and the milk is collected in a bowl. Stored in a sealable bottle in the refrigerator, it will last up to 3 days.

Tip: Don’t throw away the leftovers! You can enjoy this in muesli.

How environmentally friendly is oat milk?

One of the reasons people are increasingly switching to herbal alternatives is that poor environmental impact of milk production. the Factory farming and industrial agriculture damage the environment and the climate. Some of the climate-damaging emissions, but also those, are already produced in the cow’s digestive system Feed production contributes a large part of this. Rainforests are repeatedly cleared for the soy that is used as fodder. Only a very small part of it is used for soy milk or tofu, as the soy for this mostly comes from Europe.

Since oat cultivation is widespread in Europe, the question of rainforest deforestation does not arise. Not only in comparison to cow’s milk, but also in comparison to other plant-based milk alternatives Oat drink has the best environmental balance. According to Study by the BBC Approx. 10 liters of water are required to produce one glass of oat milk. For a glass of cow’s milk, however, according to the Organisation Water footprint around 200 liters. Approx. 74 liters are required for a glass of almond milk.

When buying oat milk you should in favor of energy consumption care must be taken that the Oats from European production comes, in the best case from organic agriculture. Meanwhile there is also Haferpulver*, which can be easily mixed with water and thus saves the many milk packages.

Alternatives to oat milk

If you like it varied, you can now choose between quite a few herbal alternatives Select. Soy and almond milk are the best-known alternatives next to oat milk. Soy milk is most similar to cow’s milk in terms of its main nutrients. With the same protein content, however, it sometimes contains fewer calories, less sugar and less fat than cow’s milk. Almond milk tastes sweet and is just as suitable for any food. In matters Environmental balance However, almond milk should be enjoyed with caution.

For People with many allergies and intolerances is Rice milk a good choice. It is suitable for people with lactose intolerance, celiac disease and soy or nut allergies. It is also much more neutral in taste than other varieties. Even Hazelnut drink and Coconut drink bring a delicious change.

By the way: If you pay special attention to protein, one could Hemp or Lupinendrink* be right for you.


Who on no animal products and on one healthy eating watch out, don’t go wrong with oat milk.

It can be enjoyed pure and also flawlessly for Cook and bake use. Because it tastes naturally sweet, additional Saving sugar will.

Another reason that speaks for oat drink is that good environmental balance. The ingredients don’t have to hide either. However, in order to fully benefit from the nutrients in oats, it is worth making the oat drink yourself.

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