Obereña denounced that her ex-partner attacked her and kidnapped her children

Friday, July 08, 2022 | 5:15 a.m.

The traces of violence spread through the humble home of Silvana Nacimento (30), who denounced that her ex-partner broke into the place, beat her and tried to kill her, after which he kidnapped her 5 and 2-year-old children. Several days after the incident, the person involved is still free and the victim was unable to reunite with her little ones.

The event was recorded in the early hours of last Saturday in the Kilometer 11 neighborhood, the dividing line between the municipalities of Oberá and Campo Ramón, the latter jurisdiction of the case. Meanwhile, the suspect was identified as Mauro RR (29).

According to Nacimento’s complaint to the Oberá Women’s Police Station, around 4.45 she was sleeping with her children aged 11, 5 and 2, a circumstance in which the defendant kicked the front door and broke into her house. .

“I heard a noise and got up to see. Turns out he hid in the bathroom and jumped out at me. It was obvious that he was drunk or drugged, he began to hit me and threatened me, ”he specified.

In dialogue with El Territorio, the woman assured that she had to fight for her life, between the screams and cries of despair of her children, witnesses of the violent sequence.

“He hit me several times, at which point the youngest began to cry and he threw me on the bed and, to silence me, he began to hang me. He told me: “I’m going to kill you, you won’t pass today”. I don’t know where I got the strength from, but I pushed him and got him off of me. There he grabbed my cell phone and smashed it on the floor, ”he detailed, reliving the horror of that early morning.

As soon as he saw the opportunity, the victim ran out and asked for help at a neighbor’s house, from where the police were called.

desperate mother

According to Nacimento, in the first instance they contacted 911 of the Radioelectric Command of the Regional Unit II, from where they were told that they would report to the Campo Ramón police station, with jurisdiction in the area.

“But the police did not come, about half an hour passed and then we saw that my ex left the house with the 2-year-old boy in one arm and the 5-year-old by the hand. They walked away. I got desperate, but I was afraid to approach him because he was threatening me. To make matters worse, the Campo Ramón police station did not send anyone, but I ran to the Road Safety detachment and from there they took me to the Women’s police station to file a complaint, ”he explained.

He specified that his former partner took the two youngest children, since the eldest of 11 is the result of a previous relationship.

During the morning of Saturday Nacimento insistently communicated with the Police in search of information on the whereabouts of his children. He had mentioned that they could be at the paternal grandmother’s house, in the Oberá I neighborhood, or in a room that the parent rents in Villa Blanquita.

At the insistence of the woman, at night a police commission approached the paternal grandmother’s house, where they saw the minors, but the woman argued that they could not leave because she did not have the key to the gate, according to the mother. .

“It was a mockery, and the policemen told me they couldn’t do anything,” he lamented.

During the rest of the week the mother toured police and judicial offices, but at the close of this edition she still did not know anything about her children.

the worst fear

Visibly concerned, she mentioned that “I went to the Regional Unit and they told me that they had the arrest warrant for my ex, but that they couldn’t find him. Later I went to the Court of Instruction One and they told me that the Police had not sent them anything yet. And so they have me, from here to there.”

She said that for almost two years she has been separated from the father of her two youngest children, from whom she always suffered psychological violence, which increased after she had her first child.

“But from psychological violence he went on to beatings and he even hit me while I was pregnant with the second one, which I almost lost. That time he also broke my cell phone, but I made a note to my oldest son and sent him to my mother’s house to notify the police. Then he was imprisoned for five days and the first prohibition of approach came out, ”he mentioned the day before.

For this reason, he indicated that since his last child was born he has not lived with the parent again, although on several occasions the person involved violated the current restriction and appeared at the address.

In this context, he warned: “I notice that he becomes more and more violent, capable because he uses drugs. Since he took my youngest children, with my oldest child we stay to sleep at a friend’s house because we are very afraid that she will come back. Besides, the door is broken.”

But above all, she was desperate about the current state of her minor children, of whom she has had no news for almost a week.

“I don’t sleep or eat thinking about how my children will be. I don’t understand why the authorities take so long, like they don’t care about the creatures. I no longer know who to turn to,” Nacimento stressed.

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