Obligation to buy expired: Wijnaldum dilemma for PSG

Obligation to buy expired: Wijnaldum dilemma for PSG

Paris St. Germain can only sell Georginio Wijnaldum to AS Roma for a freely negotiated sum. As reported by ‘L’Équipe’, the obligation to buy the midfielder, who is currently on loan to Italy, has expired. He should have played half of all competitive games for the Romans. Wijnaldum has only played in ten so far. A broken shin had put him out of action since August last year.

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After all, PSG would have received eight million euros from the passage. The Roma rejected a purchase option for the same amount. Sports director Tiago Pinto recently even sensed the chance of a free transfer and is said to have asked the Parisians to terminate their contract with the 32-year-old – unsuccessfully. The ‘L’Équipe’ concludes that a return to the French capital is not out of the question. However, a permanent stay in Rome is more likely. The previously agreed eight million euros will probably be difficult to obtain in free negotiations. In any case, Roma rascal Pinto will want to push the price down even further.

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