Occupational safety: Authority finds violations at the Tesla factory in Grünheide

The factory of the US electric car manufacturer near Berlin has been under observation from the start and has been criticized time and again. There is now a report on occupational safety from the Brandenburg Ministry of Health and it has identified various deficiencies.

Elon Musk currently has his hands full, because he first has to save his Twitter takeover and lead the short message service out of the chaos he has caused himself. But his worries are not diminishing elsewhere either, with Tesla and its investors in particular worrying that Twitter activity is at the expense of the carmaker.

Now the Tagesspiegel is reporting that concerns are also growing in the Gigafactory in Grnheide. Because the State Office for Occupational Safety, Consumer Protection and Health (LAVG) has checked the Tesla factory in Brandenburg and has repeatedly found that the dust protection is insufficient, since work is also being carried out inside rooms without appropriate countermeasures. According to statements from employees, this is also “normal”.

health endangered

According to the report, the operators of the Gigafactory were not aware of the countermeasures required for such cases. There is no question for the testers that this would be necessary: ​​Because in the Tesla factory, mineral dust with different quartz contents is produced, which on the one hand can trigger silicon tuberculosis, but also lung cancer. The reason for these problems is apparently also the fact that many employees and those responsible at the Gigafactory in Grünheide come from abroad and do not know enough about the prevailing occupational safety and health regulations in Germany. This is not the first problem that has arisen in the Grünheide. Because as early as September it became known that Tesla was working there without a functioning fire alarm system – Tesla said it was working on it.

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