Ochoa saves the Tri! – Players debrief and NOTES (Mexico 0-0 Poland)

Mexico pushed, but it was Poland who had the chance to win. In the end, the two selections were 0-0 on Tuesday for their entry into the 2022 World Cup.

Ochoa saves the Tri!  -D

Ochoa saved Lewandowski’s penalty

Despite their dominance, Mexico pushed in vain against Poland (0-0) on Tuesday in Group C of the 2022 World Cup. And yet, it took a decisive save from Ochoa on penalty to save the men from Aunt Martino!

In the warm atmosphere generated by the Tri fans, who had come in large numbers to Stade 974, the face of this game was quickly taking shape with Mexicans maneuvering and Poles on the lookout for counterattacks. The two selections went blow for blow at the start of the game but without hurting each other badly because of their lack of technical accuracy.

Szczesny delays luck

As the minutes went by, the pressure mounted on the White Eagles goal, which trembled on the head of Vega, who just passed by, then relied on a saving exit from Szczesny to hamper Gallardo. Opposite, despite their high position on the ground, Czeslaw Michniewicz’s men displayed a face that was far too messy to be dangerous and Lewandowski was never found in good conditions. Before the break, it was again Szczesny who stood out to deflect a shot from Sanchez.

Ochoa Coeure Lewandowski

After this disappointing first act, this part swung back from the locker room when Lewandowski used his experience to obtain, after recourse to the VAR, a penalty against Moreno who had hung him. The FC Barcelona striker finally had his first goal at the World Cup at the end of his foot, but that was without counting on Ochoa who performed a miracle by diving on the right side!

A winner named… Argentina?

Stung, the Mexicans pushed even harder, but Szczesny intervened on Martin’s deflection. More open, the end of the match gave the impression of being able to switch from one side to the other, but no one found the fault. A result that does Argentina’s business, showered a little earlier by Saudi Arabia (1-2) but which thus avoids finding itself already at a distance.

Match score: 4/10

There are good 0-0s, like Denmark-Tunisia, and others that are real 0-0s. This falls into the second category. Despite its domination and some good moves, Mexico had a hard time taking a backhand from the uninspired Poles who were unable to do anything but recover from Lewandowski. The superb parade at Ochoa and the crazy atmosphere created by the Mexican fans will have represented rare clearings.

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Guillermo Ochoa (7/10)

Entering this Tuesday in the very closed circle of players who have played in 5 World Cups, the Mexican goalkeeper celebrated this performance as it should. As transcended by the event, the former doorman of Ajaccio dove on the right side to divert the penalty yet well struck by Lewandowski. A save that saves a point.


Guillermo Ochoa (7): read the comment above.

J. Snchez (5.5): very available in his lane, the right side did not hesitate to combine with his attackers and take his chance, like his shot diverted by Szczesny at the end of the first period. Defensively, on the other hand, we sometimes felt a little less serene about the rare Polish threats.

C. Montes (6): with Lewandowski, the central defender had quite a client in front of him and the Mexican did admirably well since the striker was never able to give him the slip.

Hctor Moreno (5): the central defender had a fairly decent match until he was caught by Lewandowski to concede a penalty, admittedly a little harsh. Fortunately for him without consequences.

J. Gallardo (6): the left side delivered a good performance with incisive climbs that hurt the Poles. He did not go far to open the scoring before the break but Szczesny pulled the rug out from under him.

Hctor Herrera (5.5): like a recoil playmaker, the former Atletico Madrid player made several offerings to his teammates, like this center for the head of Vega. Solid in the midfield battle. Replace the 71st minute with Carlos Rodriguez (not not).

Edson lvarez (5.5): Master play of this selection, the midfielder of Ajax Amsterdam has rather well turned the ball, but some dangerous loss of balls tarnish his record.

L. Chvez (5): less well known than his understandings of the midfield, the midfielder has shown that he must also be counted on with some well-felt services which have destabilized the Poles.

Hirving Lozano (5): the Naples winger proved on several actions that he had fire in his legs. The Mexican combined well and made differences, but he didn’t necessarily make the right choices…

H. Martn (4.5): leading striker on paper, the Mexican has swapped a lot with his teammates in practice. Interesting in storage but not always sharp enough in the surface. Replace the 71st minute with Raul Jiménez (not).

E. Vega (6): very active, the striker hurt the Polish defense and he also got his team’s best opportunity with this header that he did not beat down enough. Stirring and daring, he made a good impression. Replace the 84th minute with Uriel Antuna (not not).


Wojciech Szczesny (7): the image of Ochoa in the opposing camp, the Polish goalkeeper will have been the best player on his team. Author of 4 saves, the last rampart of Juventus Turin notably defeated Gallardo and Sanchez during the first act, before remaining vigilant against Martin in the second period.

Bartosz Bereszynski (5.5): his loss of the ball near the surface in the first minutes could have given rise to fears for the worst, but the central defender recovered rather well afterwards, with interventions which relieved his team.

Kamil Glik (5): reassuring in his interventions, the central defender, on the other hand, had less success when he tried to lengthen the game.

Jakub Kiwior (5): rather serious defensively, the central defender did not however shine by the quality of his raises, too often missed.

Matty Cash (4.5): the right piston provided a great debauchery of energy to crisscross the field. And his rides have done good. But the Pole left spaces behind his back and tended to get nervous as the game progressed.

Jakub Kaminski (4): with only 47% of successful passes and 13 lost balls, the Wolfsburg midfielder will have embodied the technical waste of the Poles better than any other. Dangerous at the end but Ochoa blocks his shot.

Grzegorz Krychowiak (5): a mixed match for the former Parisian. In the first half, the midfielder’s lack of speed did not help his team, unable to get away. He raised his head and won more duels afterwards.

Sebastian Szymanski (4.5): active, the midfielder was however too rough in his ball catches and his transmissions. The Pole also procrastinates a lot on his counter situations. Replace the 72nd minute with Przemyslaw Frankowski (not not).

Nicola Zalewski (3): presented as one of the possible revelations of this World Cup, the young left piston of AS Rome had to for his entry into the running. Despite a lot of good will, he too often confused speed with haste. Replace the 46th minute with Kristian Bielik (5)a little more prominent in the construction.

Piotr Zielinski (4): Placed in a role of free electron, the Neapolitan did not have the expected influence on the game of his team. Too imprecise in his crosses and on set pieces. Replace the 88th minute with Arkadiusz Milik (not not).

Robert Lewandowski (5): what to remember? His cleverness which allows him to obtain a penalty or his failure in this exercise which leaves his counter in the World Cup desperately blocked at zero? One thing is certain: the Poles had a lot of trouble finding the FC Barcelona striker. And since he is obviously the only one in this team able to bring danger…

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MEXICO 0-0 POLAND (mid-time: 0-0) – CdM 2022 – 1st round, Group C / 1st day
Stadium: Stadium 974, Ras Abu Aboud – Referee: Chris Beath, Australia

Goals :
Warnings : J. Snchez (29th), H. Moreno (56th)for MEXICO – P. Frankowski (76th)for POLAND

MEXICO : G.OchoaC. Montes, H. MorenoJ. Snchez, J. GallardoH. Herrera (C. Rodrguez, 71st), E. lvarez, L.ChvezH. Lozano, H. Martn (R. Jimnez, 71st), A. Vega (U. Antuna, 84th)

POLAND : W. SzczesnyB. Bereszynski, K.Glik, J. KiwiorMr Cash, N. Zalewski (K. Bielik, 46th)J. Kaminski, S. Szymanski (P. Frankowski, 72nd)G.KrychowiakP. Zielinski (A. Milik, 87th), R.Lewandowski

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Ochoa saved the furniture

Lozano and Mexico pushed, in vain…

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