Octavio Rivero does not forget his love for Colo Colo and wishes him well

In the last summer pass market, Octavio Rivero was very close to returning to Colo Colo, however, the negotiations did not prosper and the forward ended up landing at Unión La Calera.

On September 8 in the duel between Caleranos and Santiago Wanderers, the Uruguayan suffered a torn cruciate ligament, so it must be lost what remains of the championship and he will not be able to say present in the fight for the title between the Cacique and his current club.

In the midst of recovering from his serious injury, the Uruguayan spoke with Pelota Parada from TNT Sports and had words to refer to the moment of the current tournament leader and He did not hide the love he has for the cast albo.

In the first instance, the Uru stated that “I have great affection for Colo Colo for everything we achieve. The affection that people show me every day, that shows that when I was at the club I did things well. It makes me happy, it leaves me calm that when I was there I gave everything there “.

Regarding the fight for the title between Popular and Calera, Rivero said that “I have great affection for him and I will always wish him the best, whether he is there or not, and I hope he does very well not only now, but at any time”.

“The change from the last tournament where they fought for relegation to this tournament I think is resounding in every way, physically they all look very good. The coaching staff gave him that, you see a very intense team that dominates the games, you see that, being physically well is key, they have high quality players who are very well. That is why they are the first, it is deserved for what they have been doing “, ended.

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