October 15, 1967: Gigi Meroni dies, the myth of the grenade butterfly is born

On 15 October 1967 the tragic accident that cost the life of Gigi Meroni, hit by the car driven by the future president Romero

Rivers of ink have told Gigi Meroni. His life, his inspiration, his class: 54 years old it’s been since the Grenade Butterfly stopped flying. Over half a century spent talking about the man but also the player: because Gigi Meroni was not only a precursor of the times, an extravagant character, in love with his Cristiana, who painted pictures and knew how to draw ties, but was above all an extraordinary right winger . Creativity, imagination, dribbling, unpredictability: a heritage of the Bull on which on the other side of the city they had set their eyes. The popular mobilization, including the boycott of the Fiat workers who revolted against the boss – Agnelli – blocked Meroni’s transfer to Juve in the previous summer, precisely that of 1967.

Gigi Meroni: Romero drove the car that hit him

Gigi was 24 years old, when that 15 October 50 years ago the car driven by the future president of Turin, Tilly Romero, invested Meroni, who died at the Mauriziano shortly after.

He will be 24 years old forever: because the heroes are all young and beautiful, said Guccini, and Gigi is even more so. Because he wears the grenade shirt, he still has the 7 on his shoulders and is part of the Myth.

Meroni’s Teeth

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