Office market chain: Staples bankruptcy: when the Dortmund branch is over

At Staples in Dortmund it will soon be over: the office chain is bankrupt. The discount battle has long since begun in the Indu-Park Kley.

the office supply chain Staples is bankrupt. All 40 branches close in Germany – around 700 employees are affected. In the region there are about a dozen stores, besides Dortmund for example in Bochum, Hagen, Gelsenkirchen or Essen.

Also the Dortmund branch in the indupark clover closes: end of June it’s over, it says at the checkout. That copy center will be closed at the end of May. Particularly annoying: Unused remaining credit will not be refunded according to the notice.

Staples bankruptcy: sale in Dortmund is ongoing

the discount battle running since the beginning of the week: Between 15 and 40 percent are in. Despite a few gaps, the shelves in the Dortmund Staples branch are still reasonably well stocked. Of the sale should secure wages for as long as possible, it is said.

What about the round 10 employees happened in Kley? You have to look for something new. It is said that some have already left. The others are confident – something will be found.

More information on the insolvency of the Staples office chain:

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