Ojo Colo Colo: Figure of River Plate is followed by Vasco da Gama and can facilitate the departure of Carlos Palacios

Although the summer pass market is yet to open, Colo Colo has already set his sights on Carlos Palacios so that he can be Cacique’s reinforcement for the 2023 season. Although the operation is difficult, a window can be opened that would facilitate everything .

Carlos Palacios does not add many minutes in Vasco da Gama
© Agency OneCarlos Palacios does not add many minutes in Vasco da Gama

Colo Colo returns this Wednesday to prepare for what will be the final stretch of the National Championship. The game against Universidad Católica is the first hurdle to overcome and could mean the title for the Albos.

Gustavo Quinteros’ team has had a tremendous campaign in the local tournament. Thus, in the absence of 5 dates, the Cacique assured participation in the Copa Libertadores next year, where the goal is to improve the recent presentation, where Popular was in third place, falling to the Copa Sudamericana.

For the same reason, it is necessary to reinforce it adequately. And, despite there being several months left for the transfer market to open in the Sports Management are already analyzing some players that they can reach the Pedrero site where Carlos Palacios appears as one of the letters for Daniel Morón. La Joya has expressed its desire to come to Colo Colo and the Loro has revealed conversations with his representative, so the intention is real on both sides.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the negotiation will not be easy. This because The former Unión Española player has a current contract with Vasco da Gama until mid-2025 and in the Brazilian team they will not let go of a player who cost him a large investment this year.

However, a window can be opened. The Gigante da Colina is in a position of promotion to the first division of Brazil and seeks to recall its good campaigns of yesteryear. For that, he is already probing some names that may be important in the team that Emilio Carlos Tannus trains and he would be turning his eyes to Buenos Aires and looking at Juan Fernando Quinteros, River Plate playeras pointed out by the trans-Andean media.

The Colombian has not had a good time since he returned to wear the Blood Band and has suffered with injuries. Juanfer is on loan and the contract expires at the end of the year, so Vasco da Gama wants to start negotiating for him if they fulfill the mission of ascending the category. These negotiations could be useful to Colo Colo, since the arrival of Quintero to the Brazilian team would facilitate a departure from Carlos Palacios and the options to reach Macul would grow.

In any case, the conversations will be tough and, probably, a new TV series will start in the upcoming transfer market. For now, Carlos Palacios seeks to make a place for himself in the Admiral and, thus, reverse the difficult moment he is going through in Brazilian football.

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