Old church shines again in new splendor

The interior of the old church in Götzis is also shining in fresh splendor
© Parish Götzis / Oberhauser

The old Götzner parish church has been brought back to a high gloss in the past few months.

Götzis. These days, after the restoration work has been completed, the old church in Götzis will be thoroughly cleaned and on October 23, after a long time, a common mass can be celebrated again.

Further renovation inevitable

In the spring of last year, work began on the extensive restoration of the old church in Götzis and in three construction stages the listed church is to be brought back into shape and the inestimable cultural heritage saved. The renovation became necessary due to the fact that since the last renovation in 1979, the moisture had caused significant damage to the masonry and inside the church, making further renovation inevitable. In the past year, the masonry in the outside area was drained and the plaster in the area of ​​the base was renewed.

Figures and pictures cleaned

In the second phase of renovation this year, the inner plinth was renewed and the frescoes were renovated. In addition, all figures and pictures were removed and cleaned and restored in Nicolé Mayer’s studio. The murals themselves were cleaned, some exposed and previous overpaintings reduced. This also made it possible to make the images easier to read and some new information came to light. “There was a lot of blurry, very indistinct and barely perceptible as a scene. Now the figures and the desperate faces are expressed much more strongly, ”says Markus Hofer, also pleased about the new splendor in the old church.

Common worship in the old church

Most of the restoration work for this year has now been completed and the basic cleaning is currently underway. “At the end of this week the chairs will come back to the Old Church and on October 23, we will celebrate a service together in the Old Church for the first time in six months,” invites Pastor Rainer Büchel. This means that a large part of the renovation work has been completed and the facade and windows will be renovated in the coming year so that the old church can shine in full splendor from the outside. MIMA

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