OLED, QLED or Neo QLED: which Samsung TV to choose for Black Friday? [Sponso]

For Black Friday, Samsung has arguments to make you change your TV. The manufacturer offers significant reductions on most of its ranges, including the most recent.

The 2022 catalog of Samsung televisions has never seen such a diversity of different panels. LCD, OLED, QLED, Neo QLED: difficult to know which type of panel is best suited to your needs.

In order to help you select your new television, and take advantage of the promotions offered by Samsung for Black Friday, we take stock of the qualities of the main television models offered by the manufacturer.

Samsung Neo QLED: incomparable image quality in 4 or 8K

For its Neo QLED range, Samsung has chosen a Mini LED backlight. A technology that is based on LEDs that are smaller than usual, and therefore more numerous. They provide better control of brightness, contrast, and thus, better management of color rendering.

Samsung’s Neo QLED range also benefits from a brand new processor, the Quantum Processor. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve the quality of your content and obtain a near-perfect visual experience in 4 or 8K. It also makes it possible to suitably adapt the content to your eyes. It does this thanks to the EyeComfort mode, which adapts the brightness according to the time of day, or Real Depth Enhancer which gives a feeling of relief and depth to your images.

In addition to an advanced connected experience, which gives you very easy access to SVOD services, your connected objects or your voice assistant, Neo QLED televisions are also cut out for gaming thanks to their HDMI 2.1 ports. They allow you to play up to 4K at 144 Hz with the latest generation consoles. Enough to obtain a fluid experience in all circumstances.

Neo QLED 43QN90B TV (2022) // Source: Samsung
43QN90B Neo QLED TV (2022). // Source: Samsung

If you are looking for a Neo QLED 4K television, Samsung invites you to discover its reference 43QN90B and its 43-inch diagonal with a reduction of 300 euros for Black Friday. A nice discount, which drops its price to 999 euros over the whole period.

Neo QLED 65QN800B TV (2022) // Source: Samsung
65QN800B Neo QLED TV (2022). // Source: Samsung

If you are tempted by the 8K experience, it is to the 65QN800B that you should turn. This 65-inch screen is offered at 2,699 euros thanks to a reduction of 1,000 euros all round. This TV also benefits from an ODR (reimbursement offer) of 400 euros which allows you to reduce the bill to 2,299 euros.

The Samsung 55S95B OLED TV at 1,499 euros

OLED technology stands out for the quality of its blacks, insofar as the technology used means that each pixel emits (or not) its own light. If you are looking for a TV to watch sports, or movies, including in HDR, this is an OLED screen for you.

Samsung has recently had OLED TVs in its catalog, with the 55S95B. In addition to its 55-inch diagonal and 4K definition, it stands out for its compatibility with many standards, between Dolby Atmos for sound and HDR10+ for image. The presence of HDMI 2.1 ports and the complete connected experience (TV, SVOD, voice assistant, SmartThings) are a significant plus.

55S95B OLED TV // Source: Samsung
55S95B OLED TV. // Source: Samsung

For Black Friday it has a reduction of 600 euros which brings it down to 1,499 euros.

THE Samsung 65Q60B QLED TV at 899 euros (via ODR)

Samsung’s QLED technology is based on a filter of quantum dots. This improves the backlighting system, in order to obtain very bright images, while avoiding color drift. The result is a vibrant image, with vivid and accurate colors. QLED TVs also have the advantage of being more accessible than OLEDs.

Samsung’s QLED TVs also benefit from a low input lag, ideal for playing competitive video games. This is, for example, the case of the Samsung 65Q60B.

This 65-inch 4K screen has all the arsenal of the most modern Samsung TVs, whether in terms of image or functionality (connected TV, HDR 10+). It also offers an enhanced gaming experience thanks to several elements, such as Samsung’s Gaming Hub (which provides access to streaming game services like GeForce NOW). We also note the presence of HDMI 2.1 ports allowing you to play with the consoles of the moment in the best conditions.

65Q60B QLED TV (2022) // Source: Samsung
65Q60B (2022) QLED TV. // Source: Samsung

At the moment, this screen is offered with a reduction of 300 euros, which will allow you to get it for 999 euros. You can also take advantage of an ODR of an additional 100 euros to bring the bill down a notch.

For Black Friday, Samsung helps you hang your TV on the wall

In addition to the reductions offered on many of its models, Samsung offers you a very nice little bonus. If you acquire a model concerned by the operation, you will automatically obtain a wall hanger without paying a penny more. This will automatically be added to your cart.

Also note that, if you wish, a technician can come to your home free of charge to install the hook and the TV where you want it. All you have to do is select “Delivery with commissioning and installation of the wall hanger” when deciding on the delivery method, after having validated your basket.

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