Oliver Pocher gets involved in the small dispute: What I strongly recommend to Peter

Oliver Pocher gets involved in the small dispute: What I strongly recommend to Peter

It is probably the craziest love (or rather breakup) story this year.

We are talking about Katzenberger-Mama Iris Klein (55), her (still) husband Peter (55) and his alleged affair Yvonne Woelke (41). Peter spent intimate days with Yvonne in the Versace Hotel in Australia, while step-son-in-law Lucas Cordalis (55) fought for the crown in the RTL jungle camp – and missed it.

After that there was the purest mud fight: lies, chat histories, public lovesickness, shower photos and love confessions about the threesome Yvonne Woelke and Iris and Peter Klein. The purest cheating soap.

Current status: Iris Klein is preparing for her first date AFTER the separation from Peter and Yvonne Woelke is busy teasing on Instagram. And Peter? He escapes the women’s troubles and lets his soul dangle on Mallorca’s beaches.

This trio has been keeping Germany in suspense for months: Iris and estranged husband Peter Klein and his alleged affair Yvonne Woelke (r.)

Photo: iris_klein_mama_/Instagram, Yvonne Woelke/Instagram, peterklein_official/Instagram

▶︎ Divorce? Drama? That is THE keyword for comedian Oliver Pocher. The 45-year-old has already been divorced twice and has been happily married to Amira Pocher (30) for three years now.

BILD met the father of five at the dinner of star chef Nobu Matsuhisa (74) in the luxury hotel “Mandarin Oriental” in Munich and spoke to him about the Iris Peter Yvonne drama.

Because even scandal noodle Oli no longer finds THAT normal. He to BILD: “This is a whole new level. I don’t know whether to be thankful or sad for that. Just when you think we’ve read it all, another little story comes along.”

Team Iris or Team Yvonne? One thing is clear for Olli: “I hope that all three will come together so that they can move to the ‘summer house of the stars’.”

But a happy ending between Yvonne and Peter, who had already admitted that he fell in love with Yvonne, would also be an option for Oliver Pocher. Pocher to BILD: “Of course that would be a dream story, maybe we’ll see them at the coronation of King Charles with Meghan and Harry. Then we would have the biggest darlings in the nation together.”

Olli Pocher has a very clear tip for Peter: “I would recommend Peter to stay dressed and put a motion detector on Iris so that he can always see if she’s there.”

Peter and Iris are currently taking care of the dogs they share on their Mallorca property….

Cat unpacks about mom’s date “She is the OberMILF on duty”

Michael Wendler’s TV off was foreseeable

But it’s not the only drama that Oliver Pocher comments on. Also on the currently hotly debated topic Michael Wendler and his bursting documentary soap Pocher has something to say.

DIE was canceled immediately after massive criticism from social media and protests from many RTLZWEI celebrities. The show about the love couple Michael Wendler and Laura Müller is neither produced nor broadcast. The reason: Wendler’s extremist statements in the past.

Oops, no documentary for Michael Wendler and his pregnant Laura

Oops, no documentary for Michael Wendler and his pregnant Laura

Photo: Chris Gordon

Pocher on BILD: “It was actually foreseeable that it wouldn’t work. Others have been fired for completely different things. Check out Kanye West at Adidas,” the comedian refers to Kim Kardashian’s ex.

He threw anti-Semitic statements around and then lost the cooperation with Adidas after public pressure. A momentous decision for Kanye and the group. It generated a loss of sales in the billions almost overnight.

Olli to BILD: “Then it’s only logical with RTL2 and Michael Wendler. There’s no way he’s going to show up on a major TV network anywhere.”

Ex-Sandy Meyer-Wölden’s birthday pre-celebrated

And why did Oliver Pocher celebrate the 40th birthday of his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden, with whom he has three children together, in Paris? That’s supposed to bring bad luck.

Pocher to BILD: “Next week is the holidays and that’s why the weekend was perfect. They say if you party ahead of time there’s bad luck, but I said, ‘It doesn’t matter, Sandy was already married to me.’

By the way, there was no present for the ex. “My presence has to be enough”, even if Amira Pocher (30) had a different opinion. It is not known what Amira gave Sandy …

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