Olivier Siroux (Bachelor) sends a spade to Sandra Lou

In the columns of the magazine TV StarOlivier Siroux, the first Bachelor from M6, looks back on his career in the reality TV show. He takes the opportunity to send a small spade to Sandra Lou, who was his contender on the show.

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In 2003, M6 offered a new reality TV program with an original concept. A bachelor was looking for love among a panel of young women. At each show, a candidate, who had not received a rose from the single gentleman, left the adventure. This is Olivier Sirouxa business leader, who had been chosen at the time to embody the first Bachelor of French television. At the end of the show, the candidate had also left as a couple with Alexandra Coulet. An idyll that did not last in time. Guest of Faustine Bollaert in It starts today the entrepreneur had confided that he was now spinning the perfect love with a certain Aurélia with whom he had three children, Andréas, 11 years old, Raphael, 8 years old and a little Jenna aged 2 years.

Olivier Siroux doubts the sincerity of Sandra Lou

On the occasion of the broadcast on M6 of the program 20 years of love on television Monday, August 8, Olivier Siroux gave an interview to the magazine TV Star. He returns in particular to the concept of the program which may seem shocking in the era of the Mee Too movement. He had also been controversial at the time, as he recalls “But everything was done with great respect. Young single women could refuse the rose, just as I could not choose them!”, he reassures. The magazine therefore evokes the reaction of Sandra Lou, then a candidate for the show, who had been very sad not to be chosen by the candidate. The first Bachelor expresses with hindsight doubts about his sincerity. I wondered [si elle était sincère]… It was perhaps to get noticed, to make a buzz, as we weren’t saying yet”, he ventures. Olivier Siroux then returns to his relationship with Alexandra, which only lasted a year. “We weren’t made for each other. However, I had a real crush. She too, I think. But in front of the cameras, the emotions are amplified, that does not mean that the love will be eternal”he explains.

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Sandra Lou felt betrayed

Sandra Lou had mentioned her eviction from the Bachelor in a TMC documentary dedicated to twenty years of reality TV. The young woman had confided that she felt not only betrayed by the Bachelor, but also by the production. “When the show stops for me, it wasn’t just Olivier’s betrayal. It was the betrayal of the production, the journalists, all those people who looked me in the eye and made me believe that indeed he had romantic feelings for me.“, she had lamented.

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