OM: Mandanda, more vague than ever

After a strange season started and ended in the skin of a holder, but spent as a replacement for Pau Lopez, Steve Mandanda is fed up. The historic goalkeeper of Olympique de Marseille does not want to relive a similar exercise, and really wonders about a departure.

Rennes think Mandanda to compete with Gomis.

Never again has. Steve Mandanda has just had a strange 2021-2022 season, starts and ends in the shoes of a holder, but passes as a replacement for Pau Lopez.

His record? 9 small matches in L1, 9 European Cup matches and 2 short (easy) rounds in the French Cup against amateur clubs. 20 tenures, therefore. Since his missed spell at Crystal Palace in 2016-2017, the Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper had never played so little (10 games in total at the time, editor’s note), and the question of a departure inevitably arises.

Where do you want me to go?

The day after the last game of the season, won at the Vlodrome against Strasbourg (4-0) with Mandanda holder in the cage, the 37-year-old doorman had yet given another version to the supporters, on the sidelines of the Dodger’s anniversary. Where do you want me to go?, he had answered them. As if, because of his advanced age, only an end to his career in Marseille was possible. But the tone would be very different with his teammates.

According to La Provence, Mandanda is indeed wondering about his future, he who is courted by Rennes to compete or even replace Alfred Gomis. And the former Le Havre would have opened up about a possible departure with certain members of the locker room before going on vacation, tell our colleagues, who add that many clubs are interested by the situation of the world champion, even if his imposing salary could pose a problem.

Expected discussion with Sampaoli

Mandanda will therefore have offers, and opportunities to play and enjoy before his body says stop. But his departure has not yet been finalized. Far from it. Questioned by La Provence, his entourage plays the watch. And for good reason: Jorge Sampaoli must soon return from his vacation in Brazil, and the two men will have a discussion when they resume. Depending on the projects that the Argentinian technician has for him, Il Fenomeno will decide. And will go, or won’t go?

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