OM: no identity, austerity cure… Longoria’s divisive discourse internally

Eager to reform the operation of Olympique de Marseille and the search for 20 million euros in savings to be made urgently, President Pablo Longoria is increasingly causing internal cringe.

Longoria has not only made friends with OM…

Even if it is having the best start to the season in its history in the league, Olympique de Marseille has completed a more sluggish week before the international break.

After the home defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt (0-1) which already complicates things in the Champions League, Igor Tudor’s men dropped their first points of the season at the Vlodrome in Ligue 1 on Sunday against Rennes (1-1 ).

the clan of Spaniards the process

During the meeting held on Monday in the presence of all the main leaders of the Marseille club, the president Pablo Longoria did not hesitate to put this slack down to the account of the more general atmosphere within the club. If there have been bad results this week, it’s because there’s a bad atmosphere at the club, would have dropped the OM boss in substance, reports L’Equipe. And it is far from being the only spade launched by Longoria and his right arms, described as the clan of Spaniardswho spoke quite dryly about the old routines of the phocen club.

Mandanda’s Burger

Thus, the leader has indicated that he expects more in terms of work and discipline in the administrative sector in order to reflect on the sports sector. To illustrate his point, he gave a very striking example: The first day I arrived at the club (summer 2020), I saw Mandanda eating a hamburger. Worse, year this club, there is no identity, also assn the technical director Marco Otero! Inevitably, given the history of OM, these spades have created tensions and some internally reproach Longoria for wanting reform an organization that he considers flawed, but that he himself put in place. In this sense, the general manager Pedro Iriondo announced that he 19 20 million euros must be found urgently, in the coming weeks and outside the sports sector !

Longoria travels blind

These efforts are necessary because of the recurring cash flow problems and the sharply rising payroll. To achieve these savings, the objective is to reduce the club’s operating costs. Like the unwilling trip to London against Tottenham (0-2) in the Champions League with two planes chartered but only half full and problems with booking the hotel, progress does indeed seem achievable in this area.

The leaders are not hostile to this austerity cure, but they expect to see Longoria apply it at all levels, starting with himself. Its systematic rental of an armored car when traveling abroad thus makes waves internally, as does the presence of numerous guests in the presidential stands at each match at the Velodrome. Despite the generally positive start to the season, all is not rosy on the Canebire and the divisive style of the Marseille boss is likely to cause tension in the coming months…

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