OM: Sampaoli’s focus on the competition between Mandanda and Lopez

On the sidelines for four games, Steve Mandanda is chomping down on Marseille. Has Pau Lopez become OM’s number 1 goalkeeper? Jorge Sampaoli took stock of the issue this Friday at a press conference.

OM: Sampaoli's focus on the competition between Mandanda and Lopez

Mandanda or Lopez? Sampaoli did not decide

Still undefeated this season, in the league as in the Europa League, Olympique de Marseille is making a very interesting start to the 2021-2022 year. On the ground, all is well, therefore, for the OM of Jorge Sampaoli. But the Marseille coach still has some sensitive issues to manage, such as that of the goalkeeper.

A true Marseille legend, Steve Mandanda (36) saw a strong competitor land this summer, in the person of Pau Lopez (26). If the French thought he had averted the danger in his first three successful matches, the Spaniard has finally taken his place in the Marseille cage for four games. A difficult situation to live for the Fenomeno who can logically wonder about the rest of his season.

Sampaoli n’a pas tranch

At a press conference this Friday, Sampaoli made a point of clarifying things. The Marseille coach ensures that his choice has not yet been made: I don’t want to be politically correct: I don’t know. We just wanted to test Pau Lopez, see him at work, because a goalkeeper is an element in a game system. The goalkeeper has the most time to make the first pass.

Very honest about his current hesitation, El Pelado is well aware that the situation is not easy to manage for Mandanda, the record holder for matches played in the OM jersey (596). I know Steve is an idol of the club, he has to fight against a competitor and a system. There are comparisons to be made between the two but they are also related to the results because the result changes the way things work. , a expliqu Sampaoli.

J. Sampaoli – we will choose the best for each match

To hear him, the 2018 world champion is therefore not definitively removed. But he will have to deal with a rotation. We will choose the best for each match, here is my answer , assured the Olympian coach, despite the risk of continuing to spill a lot of ink in the city of Phocenne: I know that it can create controversies with the history that Mandanda in this club. But Sampaoli isn’t really the risk-taker type.

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