Omar Raddad case: new DNA analyzes could relaunch the investigation


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N. Perez, C. Weill-Raynal, G. Le Goff, E.De Pourquery, E.Delevoye, JM.Noël, A.Boulet

France 2

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New elements could revive the Omar affair Raddad, accused for having murdered the rich heiress Ghislaine Marchal.

It is one of the most striking news items of recent years. Omar Raddad, gardener, was accused of having murdered the rich heiress Ghislaine Marchal. Pardoned by Jacques Chirac, the latter continues to proclaim his innocence. However, a new element could revive the investigation. Indeed, traces of DNA would have been found on the blood that served to mark the famous phrase “Omar killed me “on the wall.

This DNA would not match that of Omar Raddad nor to that of the victim. For the lawyers of the accused no doubt, he could be that of the real murderer. “It would be more for us a way of wanting to sign to sign Madame Marchal. It is therefore in the knuckles of the fingers that we find the DNA of the man in question. And for the expert it means that someone was holding the hand of the victim “, explains Roger Marc-Moreau, independent criminal lawyer. With this new evidence provided, the Court of Cassation will render its decision in a few weeks on the reopening of a trial.

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