Omar Raddad case: will a new trial take place?


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Omar Raddad, former gardener accused of having killed the rich heiress Ghislaine Marchal, requests a new trial following new elements found.

The affair shook public opinion thirty years ago now. Omar Raddad, gardener a been accused of having murdered a wealthy heiress Ghislaine Marchal. Sentenced to 18 years in prison, the latter still claims his innocence and tries to have his sentence revised. He transmitted new elements to try to be totally cleared. On November 25, the opening of a new trial is on the agenda. Natalie Perez, journalist for France Télévisions, says more about this thorny issue.

“For 30 years, science has progressed a lot and recent expertises have revealed four traces of DNA mixed with the blood of the famous inscriptions ‘Omar killed me’, unknown DNA that does not belong to Omar Raddad or to Ghislaine Marchal”, explains the journalist. “Which makes the defense say that it could be the genetic fingerprint of the real killer.”, she adds. However, relatives of the victim, believes that they are of no value. The Court of Cassation will deliver its decision in a few weeks.

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