Omar Sy will star in the remake of "The Killer" by John Woo

The 44-year-old actor succeeds Chow Yun-Fat and will star in John Woo’s next film, The Killera remake of his own Hong Kong action classic, released in 1989.

After the success of the series Lupine, Omar Sy offers a new first role on the screen. The 44-year-old actor will succeed Chow Yun-Fat and star in John Woo’s upcoming film, The Killera remake of his own Hong Kong action classic, released in 1989.

The original version of this feature film, written and directed by John Woo, tells the story of a hitman who, during a mission, accidentally injures and blinds a singer. In order to finance the young woman’s operation, the killer accepts one last mission during which he is quickly caught up in his past.

For the moment, no information on the scenario or on the release date of this remake has been revealed. This new version of The Killer will be broadcast on the Peacock platform, currently unavailable in France.

Many international projects

In addition to this role, Omar Sy multiple appearances internationally. The one who started in the comic duo Omar and Fred before continuing his career in the cinema, saw his popularity propelled in the United States in particular thanks to the success ofUntouchables but also from the series Lupinethe first French Netflix series to meet at the top of views across the Atlantic.

Since then, the French actor has appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past or the saga Jurassic World and signed a contract last May with the American streaming platform HBO Max to develop series there.

At the casting on January 4 of the film Skirmishers – premiered at the last Cannes Film Festival -, Omar Sy is also expected in the third part of Lupinewhich should be released by the end of the year on Netflix.

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