Omra mawlid 2022 from Algeria: prices revealed

The Umrah season officially began this Wednesday, September 21, 2022 by launching the first journey of this pilgrimage 24 hours after the official announcement of the list of agencies authorized to organize this Umrah 2022 – 2023.

The first group of travelers will take off according to our sources in the afternoon of September 21, from Houari boumediene airport in Algiers, going to Saudi Arabia. Note that the airline that will start the first flights is Saudi airlines, while waiting for the Algerian airline Air Algérie to publish its flight schedule for this Umrah season. the latter will be officially published the first week of October 2022, so people wishing to perform Umrah will be able to book their flights through the agencies, on the agreed date.

Umrah and Mawlid, any news?

The listed agencies began a few hours after their authentication to process the files of citizens wishing to perform their Umrah for the occasion of Mawlid El Nabawi 2022, which is now fast approaching.

The prices of this Umrah season are displayed in most offices and authorized agencies between 18 and 25 million DZD cents for economic Umrah, including the price of the air ticket assigned to it at a value of 10 million DZD. cents this year, the prices of the airline Air algerie them will be announced soon.
Travel costs vary depending on the location of the agency and its reputation in terms of organizing trips. Thus, comfort and attendance are included in the service.

Financing problems related to digitalization

Tourism and travel agencies authorized to organize Umrah, however, encounter a problem related to the transfer of money to and from Saudi Arabia, especially since the latter had previously excluded Algeria from the electronic transfer program of money, which caused many difficulties for the offices but also for the organizers, insofar as the traditional financial transfers from Algeria to Saudi Arabia take more than 40 days, which is a long time for the agencies concerned.

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