On a day like today, Colo Colo scored the 5,000 goal for national tournaments

A day like today but from the year 2011, Colo Colo scored the 5,000th goal in its entire history, in what was the victory by 3 to 1 against San Luis in the Monumental stadium for the 26th day of that National Championship.

That day, Diego Cagna jumped onto the pitch with Francisco Prieto in goal; José Pedro Fuenzalida, Luis Mena, Miguel Riffo and Matías Quiroga in defence; Rodrigo Meléndez, Rodrigo Millar, Lucas Wilchez and Christopher Jorquera in the midfield; and Esteban Paredes next to Javier Campora up front.

The Cacique had to row from behind because Hernán Peirone put his team ahead on the scoreboard at minute 6 ‘. Nevertheless, Campora put the tie at minute 34 ‘ with an accurate header after a good center from Riffo.

Eight minutes later, the Popular took the lead with a goal that would be recorded in history alba. With a remarkable shot from outside the area, Cristóbal Jorquera put the Eternal Champion ahead and scored the 5,000,000th goal in history from Colo Colo by national tournaments.

The goal that the tombstone put at that meeting was the work of Esteban Paredes at minute 81 ‘with a good header. With that result, the albos were once again the absolute leaders of the tournament.

However, those led by Diego Cagna would not take advantage of their difference and would end up giving the tournament to Universidad Católica, who were crowned champions, remaining three points above Colo Colo.

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