On August 13 will be the PASO and on October 22 the general

On August 13 will be the PASO and on October 22 the general

The National Electoral Chamber approved today the schedule for the next elections national elections, in which it defined that the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) will take place on August 13, while October 22 will be the day of the general ones.

Through Extraordinary Agreement No. 35, the members of the Chamber determined that, If a second electoral round is necessary to elect a president, it will take place on November 19.

On August 13 the PASO and on October 22 the general ones. Source: (Javier Manzano).

In addition, the dates of theThe Mandatory Presidential Debates to be held on October 1 and 8, before the elections generals, and in the event of a second round, there will be a third debate on November 12.

The schedule states that the campaign for the PASO will begin on June 24, Therefore, that day will end the term for the presentation of lists of pre-candidates before the party electoral boards.

Presidential debate of 2019. Source: (Page 12).

On September 2, the electoral campaign will begin for the elections general, 50 days before its realization, as indicated in the National Electoral Code (CEN).

In addition, on July 14, the polling station authorities will be designated, the definitive registers will be published and the dissemination of institutional messages for civic training and digital education on electoral issues and the responsible use of information will begin, in accordance with Law 26,215. This measure will be maintained until three hours after the end of the elections.

2023 will be a year marked by elections. Source: (Twitter)

On Friday, August 11, from 8 o’clock, the electoral campaign will end and the ban will begin; that is to say, it will be prohibited to “carry out public acts of proselytism and publish and disseminate pre-election surveys and polls”, in accordance with the National Electoral Code.

In addition, the primaries will regulate which parties will be authorized to appear in the national general elections, since those who do not exceed 1.5% of the votes will not be able to participate in the October elections. That same day will end the period for each party to register the candidates proclaimed in the PASO.

Media campaign start

The campaign for the PASO will begin on July 9, while for the general elections it will be on September 17, 35 days before the elections.

When will the places and polling stations be known?

On July 29 (15 days before the PASO) and October 7 for the general elections.

Prohibition to publish results of surveys and polls

On August 5 and October 14, the prohibition will begin to publish the results of surveys, opinion polls, electoral forecasts, or refer to their data in the media, whether audiovisual, broadcast, graphic, internet or other, according to indicates law 26,571.

On October 20, the electoral campaign will end to start the ban, from 8 in the morning.

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