On its cloud, Nantes takes Rennes away from the podium! – Debrief and NOTES of the players (Nantes 2-1 Rennes)

Four days after their victory in the final of the Coupe de France, Nantes had another good evening by winning the derby against Rennes (2-1), this Wednesday, in a late match of the 36th day of Ligue 1. Fifths of the ranking, the Rennais see their dream of the Champions League slip away a little…

On its cloud, Nantes

Pallois and Castelletto had a good match against Rennes

Bad operation for Rennes. Pressured by the victories of Marseille and Monaco last weekend, the Breton club was to win Nantes this Wednesday, in a late match of the 36th day of Ligue 1, to cling to the wagon of the Ligue des Champions. But the Rennais, disappointing this evening, remained docked by conceding a 1-2 defeat at the winner of the Coupe de France.

Two days from the end, Rennes is now 5th in the standings, three points behind Monaco (3rd) and six behind Marseille (2nd). Have the Bretons given up on the Champions League tonight? In any case, the Marseillais are breathing a little better before hosting the Rouge et Noir next Saturday as part of the 37th day.

Coulibaly responds to Tait

The Rennais delivered a very surprising first period. Dominated in the engagement and unable to chain three passes, the Red and Black suffered the waves of Nantes during the first quarter of an hour, to the chagrin of a furious Bruno Genesio against his players on the edge of the field. Finally, the attempts of Tait (19th) and Laborde (20th), blocked in the box by Castelletto, woke up the visitors who finally set foot on the ball afterwards. And Tait took advantage of this awakening to give the advantage to his team on a service from Bourigeaud towards the penalty spot (0-1, 32nd).

More comfortable in the game after this opener, Rennes dominated the last quarter of an hour of the first act but could not make the break despite dangerous situations, such as Bourigeaud’s free kick on the post (40th) then a strike from Terrier diverted by Lafont (43rd). Opposite, the Nantes didn’t show much offensively for long minutes but, on a cross from Bukari taken from close range, Coulibaly put the two teams equal just before the return to the locker room (1-1, 45th)!

The jewel of Pallois!

In the second half, Rennes retained possession but Bourigeaud (53′), Tait (56′) or even Laborde (63′) did not materialize their opportunities to restore the advantage to their team. And as in the first period, Nantes was more realistic to score on one of its rare occasions. And what a goal! Pallois ignited Beaujoire with a superb volley from the left following a cross from Blas (2-1, 71st). In an evening without, and despite the many replacements made by Bruno Genesio, the Rennais never really managed to endanger Lafont in his cage.

The score of the match: 5.5/10

In a beautiful atmosphere at La Beaujoire, the two teams did not put on a great show, but the meeting was pleasant. Uninspired, the Rennais never managed to pack the game against a team from Nantes who defended well to sting on quick attacks.

The goals :

– Offset in the area on the right side, Bourigeaud crosses low to the ground towards the penalty spot. Tait emerges to score with the right foot (0-1, 32nd).

– Bukari enters the right surface and crosses strong in front of the goal. At the far post, Coulibaly takes the ball with his knee and sends it under the bar (1-1, 45th).

– On a cross from Blas from the left, Pallois is unmarked at the far post and unleashes an unstoppable left rebound (2-1, 71st).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Nicolas Pallois (8/10)

Already imperial last Saturday in the final of the Coupe de France, the Nantes defender continued with another big performance. In addition to his still impressive defensive work, he had the stands raised by scoring with a good recovery from the left to offer victory to his team. A real striker goal that was well worth a standing ovation from Beaujoire for a few minutes.


Alban Lafont (6.5): author of four saves in this match, the Nantes goalkeeper was reassuring for his team. He can’t do much about Tait’s goal. Another great performance for the FCN captain.

Sebastien Corchia (6): tenured for this derby, the Nantes right-back answered present. Like his team, he fought for more than 90 minutes to prevent Rennes from bringing danger into his area.

Jean-Charles Castelletto (7): a very good match for the central defender of Nantes. Vigilant, he repelled the danger several times in his area, like his decisive interventions on the strike from Tait (19th) and the header from Laborde (20th). He was hard to pass for his opponents tonight.

Nicolas Pallois (8): read the comment above.

Fbio (6): the left side of Nantes had a very good defensive activity (3 tackles, 4 clearances, 3 interceptions) and projected himself when he had the opportunity. A very serious game.

Samuel Moutoussamy (5): an overall average match. He certainly participated in the defensive efforts but it was his poor clearance that brought the Rennes goal. Fortunately, this goal is without consequence for his team at the final whistle.

Wylan Cyprien (5): the former Niois did the work behind the scenes to cut the passing lines and prevent the Rennais from setting up their game in the last 30 meters. Replace the 67th by Randal Kolo Muani (not not).

Willem Geubbels (3): the former Mongasque had to take advantage of his tenure to show off tonight. It failed… He was much too discreet and never really weighed offensively. Replace the 67th by Quentin Merlin (not).

Ludovic Blas (7): the Nantes playmaker quickly displayed his technical qualities and passing accuracy in this encounter. Precious, he ended the meeting with a decisive pass for Pallois (71st). Another great performance for him.

Osman Bukari (6): the Ghanaian winger had an interesting game on his right side. Not very skilful at the start of the match on a shot out of bounds (13th), he provoked a lot afterwards and offered a decisive pass for Coulibaly on the equalizer (45th). Replace the 67th by Dennis Appiah (not).

Kalifa Coulibaly (6): his goal revived his team before the break (45th). He made up for it after missing his control in front of Gomis on a great opportunity in the first act (33rd). In confidence, he tried his luck on a daring pivot shot and captured by Gomis just after returning from the locker room (46th). Replace the 82nd by Marcus Coco (not not).


Alfred Gomis (4): for his return after two months of absence, the Rennes goalkeeper did not reassure: the Nantes players scored three shots, he conceded two goals. Beaten close range on the goal of Coulibaly (45th), he is then pierced by the volley of Pallois (71st).

Hamari Traor (5): the Rennes right-back was, as usual, rather active in his lane. He will not have succeeded in being decisive offensively, but he made a good defensive return on Coulibaly (33rd).

Warmed Omari (5): despite the two goals conceded by his team, the young central defender from Rennes was not particularly challenged in this meeting. It was even rather interesting in the relaunch.

Baptiste Santamaria (4): still lined up as central defender in the absence of Aguerd, the Rennes midfielder was not brilliant. He only won 2 of his 7 duels and he lost 10 balls during the game.

Adrien Truffert (4): the Rennes left-back was active in his lane but he didn’t particularly weigh offensively. On the second Rennes goal, he forgot Pallois behind his back. Replace the 74th by Birger Meling (non not).

Lovro Majer (4): physically moved in the duels, the Croatian did not have his usual influence in the Rennes midfield. A small game for him. Replace the 74th by Serhou Guirassy (not not).

Jonas Martin (5): a match that is just fine. The Rennes midfielder did the job defensively but he didn’t weigh much in the game. He could have tried to bring a little more against a low block. Replace the 82nd by Lesley Ugochukwu (not not).

Flavien Tait (6): the former Angevin has not died. Port forward, the Rennes midfielder opened the scoring by taking a cross into the area (32nd). He still got dangerous chances on a shot deflected by Lafont (47th), then a shot which passed close to the post (57th).

Benjamin Bourigeaud (6): the former Lensois was able to remobilize his team when it suffered at the start of the match. He took matters into his own hands to bring danger to his right side. His efforts are rewarded with a decisive pass for Tait (32nd). He finds the post on a free kick at the end of the first period (40th). Replaced by Mathys Tel (not not).

Gatan Laborde (3): always generous in the effort, the former Montpellier player did not have many opportunities to get his teeth into it. He could still have scored by showing more accuracy on a shot at the far post, where he was alone, following a corner (63rd). In the first period, he gets a chance on a header against by Castelletto (20th). Replace the 74th by Jrmy Doku (not not).

Martin Terrier (5): we knew the more enterprising and inspired striker from Rennes. After a side shot on a pass from Bourigeaud (27′), he is still involved in the opening of the Rennes score (32′).

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NANTES 2-1 RENNES (mid-time: 1-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 36th day
Stadium: Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes – Referee: Antony Gautier, France

Goals : K. Coulibaly (45th) N. Pallois (71st) for NANTES – F. Tait (32nd) for RENNES
Warnings : W. Cyprien (67th), L.Blas (86th)for NANTES – F. Tait (90th)for RENNES

NANTES : A.LafontJ. Castelletto, N. PalloisS.Corchia, FbioS. Moutoussamy, W. Cyprien (R. Muani, 68th)L.BlasO. Bukari (Q. Merlin, 67th), W. Geubbels (D. Appiah, 67th)K. Coulibaly (M. Coco, 82nd)

REINDEER : A.GomisW. Omari, B. SantamaraH.Traor, A. Truffert (B. Meling, 74th)L. Majer (J. Doku, 75th), J. Martin (C. Ugochukwu, 82nd), F.TaitB. Bourigeaud (M. Tel, 82nd), G. Laborde (S. Guirassy, ​​75th), Mr. Terrier

Tait gave Rennes the advantage (0-1, 32nd)

Coulibaly has galis for Nantes (1-1, 45th)

The joy of Pallois after his decisive goal (2-1, 71st)

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