Vlog: "On the court that you play"

"On the court that you play": review the first Vlog of 2023 following Colo Colo in Copiapó

DaleAlbo’s team traveled to the city of Copiapó for the Cacique’s first match in the National Championship.

© DaleAlboVlog: “On the court that you play”

Colo Colo visited the city of Copiapó for the first game of the 2023 National Championship, where Cacique won, thrashed and liked 5-2 at the Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla stadium. The goals were from Marcos Bolados x3, Fabián Castillo and Jordhy Thompson.

Without a doubt, a great start for the team headed by coach Gustavo Quinteros, who knew how to deal with important casualties such as Emiliano Amor, Esteban Pavez, Leonardo Gil and Vicente Pizarro.

As DaleAlbo we were in the city of Copiapó and we were able to witness Colo Colo’s win, which was graphically and patented with the first Vlog of the year 2023: “On the field that you play”.

A Vlog that covers the journey from start to finish, from the start of Santiago until one hour after the final whistle. You will find all the anecdotes of our trips and coverage for the Eternal Champion.

You will have side B of our coverages weekend after weekend when Colo Colo plays. Check the first Vlog of “On the court you play” below. Enjoy it.

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