On the edge of the tragedy in Olmos: a farmer was shot and $500,000 was stolen

On the edge of the tragedy in Olmos: a farmer was shot and $500,000 was stolen

The area of ​​64 and 208, where the violent robbery occurred / demian alday

Assaults on quinteros in our Region have been a constant in recent years. And they have the particularity that criminals move at night, in groups, heavily armed and unload all their violence on their victims.

It was neither more nor less than what happened this time in a horticultural area of ​​Olmos, where the attack left a farmer from the place wounded by a bullet in the hip and a rural transporter deprived of half a million pesos.

This was revealed to this newspaper by producers from the area of ​​the bloody assault, which occurred in the early hours of yesterday at 64 and 208, at the same time that the episode was also admitted by official spokesmen.

It was also reported that the wounded farmer has already received a medical discharge, after being initially transferred to a care center.


Yesterday afternoon, EL DIA went to the place where this dramatic case of insecurity occurred.

There, a couple close to the marriage whose man was shot by the assailants, provided some details about the terrible event.

Contrary to what a journalistic version indicated, the rural laborer who spoke with EL DIA assured that “the robbery was mainly from the trucker who came here and the shot was taken by the farmer who lives with his wife in this place.”

Then, he pointed out that the voluminous and violent robbery took place “between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.” on Friday, while citing that at that time “the carrier’s truck was being loaded with merchandise.”

“Fundamentally lettuce,” said the worker consulted, who asked to keep his name and that of his wife anonymous.

He also mentioned that “at least 6 criminals arrived here, who apparently were with accomplices who were waiting for them in a car.”

The context in which this audacious assault took place aroused some suspicion among the investigators who are in charge of trying to fully clarify it and arrest the members of that gang.

“It is striking that these criminals arrived on the scene just when those responsible for the fifth and the trucker were there,” slipped one of the investigations.

At the same time, the detective deepened his suspicion: “In addition, were these thieves lucky enough that they were going to be able to take 500,000 pesos from the carrier? It is strange, it would seem that they had that information.


During the talk with this newspaper, the horticulturist who spoke about the assault on the victims made an important revelation, which harshly reflects the concern and fear with which they live daily in the face of the possibility of suffering a criminal attack.

The young worker made it known that “among the quinteros who live in this area we take turns to travel, in a group and in one or more vehicles, the fields during the night.”

On this sacrificial modality, he explained that “we have been asking the Police for a long time to carry out patrols at dawn, but since they do not give us a ball, we do the night surveillance by the quinteros.”

It was in this context that he denounced the following: “there have been other robberies in this area, like the one suffered 10 days ago by another farmer near here, at 62 and 208.”

He immediately specified that “we have been living like this for a year and a half, in constant fear because at any time, especially at night, various criminals come to beat you, or like now shoot you and finally rob you.”

As in other areas of horticultural farms in our city, in Olmos also the peasants and owners of vegetable farms complain that after these attacks “the Police rarely catch the thieves.”

On the other hand, the same horticulturist who spoke yesterday with EL DIA alluded to the fact that “this married couple, who was robbed together with the trucker, has lived and worked in this place for 4 years.”

“This is the first time he has had to experience a situation like this,” he said.

And about the gunshot wound that the man close to him received, he said that “luckily he is recovering well, after a SAME ambulance came and took him to a hospital. But more than anything the projectile grazed his hip.


The worker and his wife then asked to make public two essential needs that they demand, like other quinteros in the area.

“What is urgently needed is that there be patrols. It is not fair that we resign hours of night rest to cover the task that corresponds to the Police. And we also asked for luminaires in 208, from 62 to 64 ”, he concluded.

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