On the Ftse Mib there is a share with enormous potential

Sometimes in the stock markets you come across stocks that are inexplicably depressed. In addition to the IMMSI share whose enormous potential we have repeatedly highlighted, on the Ftse Mib there is a share with enormous potential. We are talking about Tamburi Investment Partners (TIP).

The company presented very important numbers relating to the first nine months of 2022 which can be summarized as follows:

  • pro forma consolidated profit of over 122.7 million;
  • shareholders’ equity of over 1.14 billion, after distributions during the period of dividends of over 20 million and purchases of treasury shares for a further 16.9 million;
  • the shares of the result of associates contributed over 43 million;
  • the capital gain on the sale of BE was approximately 100 million.

Very important numbers that have led the company’s management to declare the following

“It is sad to see that the current price of TIP stock is so inexplicably depressed. With analysts’ target price between 12 and 13 euros per share, with implicit capital gains which at the current market prices of the listed subsidiaries well exceed one billion euros but which are around two billion if we consider the Net Intrinsic Value, the current stock exchange rate seems very penalizing to us. This is why we insist on the buyback and we believe that it is an excellent way to continue investing the liquidity in the portfolio”.

Most of the analysts covering the stock are very positive and have an average target price that expresses an undervaluation of more than 50%. The dispersion between the various forecasts is interesting, remaining at around 6%.

On the Ftse Mib there is a share with enormous potential: the possible objectives according to the graphic analysis

The title Drums Investment Partners (MIL:TIP) closed the November 18 session at €7.47, up 0.95% on the previous session.

The current trend is bullish, but the prices are unable to get out of the trading range of 7.41 euros – 7.69 euros. Only the break of one of these levels could push the stock upwards towards the targets indicated in the figure.

If we were to start upwards, the potential for appreciation is very important. The maximum bullish extension, in fact, is located above 10 euros for a potential upside of over 40%. A strong signal of confirmation of this scenario could be obtained with a daily closing above 8.13 euros (1st price target).

drums investment partners

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