On TikTok, Memo Ochoa’s corrido has become the hit of the moment

Memo Ochoa is a famous 37-year-old soccer playerwho put on the cape in the first match of the Mexican National Team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by saving a penalty in the match against Poland.

was that what saved Mexico from defeat that could affect his performance in his second meeting with Argentina. Thank you Guillermo Ochoa.

That is why the Mexicans were quick to call the goalkeeper “San Memo Ochoa”, in addition to creating funny memes in his honor and even composing an attractive corrido.

Memo Ochoa’s corrido

It turns out that not long ago Guillermo Ochoa’s corrido was presented on the TikTok account @elhueycoyote, which reads the following phrases:

“I don’t know about you, but Memo Ochoa deserves a pinshi rolota. He shines on the court, he looks like Swarowsky. He is Roa Lewandowski’s nightmare. It is a wall and we know it well. Today I put his altar to San Memo. Balls do not enter his goal. They call him ‘viagra’ because he stops them all”.

We must highlight the corrido by Memo Ochoa from TikTok, it is not the first, in 2014 Los Tres Tristes Tigres dedicated one to him, for his great performance against the Brazilian team, the group from Monterrey composed a fun and very creative corrido entitled:

“I wrote you a WhatsApp and you didn’t answer me.”

In the video for the cute theme, Pedro Palacios, Jesús Gallardo and Erick Ibarra put on wigs to pretend to have curls like the Mexican goalkeeper Memo Ochoa and even talked about “his beautiful hair and the way it moved with the wind generated by the power of each ball received.

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Memo Ochoa as the hope of Mexico

Memo Ochoa as the hope of Mexico

Memo Ochoa as the hope of Mexico

Mexico’s second match in the World Cup in Qatar will take place next Saturday, November 26. The Mexican National Team will face Argentina.

It should be noted that in Mexico the game can be enjoyed at one in the afternoon. From now on, Mexicans are placing their hope in Memo Ochoa, who wishes to stop all possible balls.

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