Oncology Traffic Light: First initiative in Peru to inform and demand compliance with the National Cancer Law

10 patient associations launched the website and instagram of “Oncology Traffic Light” that was born to explain the pending tasks and the entities responsible for fulfilling them, which prevent the advancement of the law and therefore that the more than 175 thousand Peruvians who currently have cancer, access their benefits.

In and on Instagram as Traffic Light Oncology. Peru, can be identified through the characteristic colors: red (overdue), amber (overdue) and green (completed) the status of the missing tasks and the entities responsible for carrying them out. Currently of the 16 provisions, 9 are expired. That is, more than 50% have been breached.

On August 10, the National Cancer Law will be one year old since its promulgation “The Law cannot yet be executed because no progress has been made with the complementary provisions of its regulations, there are 16 and at the moment there are 9 expired. These were pending tasks in charge of regulating how the new procedures of the Law would work. This law represents the only hope of life for many Peruvians”, commented Indyra Oropeza, president of the NGO Con L de Leukemia.

Many of the pending tasks or provisions to be fulfilled are processes to evaluate new medicines and treatments, the range of their financing (high cost threshold), the decentralization of care (management and implementation of the national oncology network), the coverage and the operation of tumor banks to promote national research, among others.

“With this platform we want to monitor and ensure compliance with the National Cancer Law. By fighting for the law we are fighting for that friend or family member who may be diagnosed with cancer and for those who are undergoing treatment, they deserve the best care in Peru. We want the deadlines to be met and for it to be understood that executing the National Cancer Law is everyone’s task,” said Susana Wong, director of Lazo Rosado Peru.

The oncology traffic light initiative is promoted by associations such as Lazo Rosado Peru, Con L de Leukemia, Reprolacc, Vidas Sin Cancer Peruvian Association, Citizen Collective Patients of Peru, Luz de Esperanza, Educando Peru, Onco vida Peru, A few days with Bobby and A- Cancer Peru. You can also find her on Instagram as: “”.

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