One gag too many: Mark Forster put off "The Voice"-Talent with hairdresser recommendation

Peter Maffay admits talent: “I just made the wrong decision”

And then there was the man behind the process. After singing Adele’s “Easy On Me” in a soulful voice, he caused a lot of guesswork among the coaches. “There’s a maturity to the voice and there’s something raspy about it. But there’s also a reason there’s a curtain. Maybe you’re an eight-year-old girl or something? Don’t be fooled,” said Mark Forster. “Well, I think you’re a man. It sounded like mid-40s.”

Rea Garvey, on the other hand, said: “He’s 21” – and was spot on. “Do you want to sing for us again without the shower curtain?” Asked Stefanie Kloß. Of course he wanted to, and then he also revealed who he is: Paul Seifert, an electrician. “My father is no longer alive, I lost him when I was 18. He was also an electrician,” said Kloss. And further: “There are moments when I wish he could have seen it. That there is such a show and that there are people who can move a lot with music. I’m sure if he can had seen, he would have been pleased.”

No wonder Paul also chose Kloß as his coach. But he wanted to know one more thing: why Peter Maffay was the only one who didn’t turn around. “Sometimes there are situations that you’re not quite sure about yourself. I just made the wrong decision. You’re a killer singer. Sometimes you get in the ink, and I just did that,” Maffay replied and pushed afterwards : “I’m really angry!”

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