One in 13 Mexicans is infected with covid, says specialist

At least 1 in 13 Mexicans has active Covid-19 at this time, Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie, doctor of medical sciences, calculated this Friday, according to information from El Universal.

According to the specialist, the streak of records in the number of daily cases of Covid-19 triggered last Saturday will stall in less than two weeks if the number of tests to detect the disease in a timely manner does not increase.

This Friday the country reached another record for Covid-19 cases for one day by registering 44,293 new infections. The previous mark was reported on Wednesday when 44,187 cases were added. On Thursday the figure was slightly lower.

Since last Saturday in the country, a new maximum of infections was reached for one day so far in the entire pandemic.

On the streets, people poured into public kiosks and private laboratories and pharmacies to try, not always successfully, to get a test to detect the respiratory disease.

“Mexico seems to have reached its maximum testing capacity. If not, let the authorities explain why the case curve has been stagnant for 3 days. Could it be that ómicron is different here than in the rest of the world?” Ximénez wrote. -Fyvie on his Twitter account.

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