One less alternative for Colo Colo: Miiko Albornoz renews her contract with Vejle Boldklub in Denmark

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The left side was in the folder to replace the imminent departure of Gabriel Suazo, however, the Cacique received a slam since he extended his link with the Danish cast.

Miiko Albornoz renews her contract with Vejle Boldklub in Denmark.
© File, Archive.Miiko Albornoz renews her contract with Vejle Boldklub in Denmark.

Although no concrete offers have yet arrived, everything seems to indicate that Gabriel Suazo’s future is far from Colo Colo since he has no intention of renewing his contract to pack his bags and go to fulfill his dream of playing in Europe.

In this sense, the sports management headed by Daniel Morón got down to work and they have a series of names in folder to replace the departure of the left back formed in the Monumental Stadium.

One of the alternatives being considered in the leadership of Blanco y Negro is Miiko Albornoz, who has had a great season in the Vejle Boldklub and has been a key piece for his club to have the first option to go up to the division of honor Denmark soccer.

a new slam

However, the Danish cast not willing to part of one of its main figures and They gave the Cacique a new door as they renewed the contract until the year 2025.

The red box made the extension of Albornoz’s link official through a video where the national defender appeared playing the eighties hit Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx on the piano.

The 31-year-old winger shared the record on his social networks with the following message: “Happy and grateful for the continued trust. Wishing to continue working towards the same goal and be part of the club development process”, he indicated.

Their numbers in 2022

Miiko Albornoz has had great continuity this season, in which he has played a total of 19 games (1,645 minutes), where he has enrolled with nine assists and does not record goals.

Check the video:

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