One Love armbands: the captain’s ribbon banned by FIFA

In the run-up to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a controversy around the use of armbands for captains of One Love who intend to send a tolerance message, connection and opposition to all manner of LGBTQ+ discrimination in Qatarwhere homosexuality is illegal.

Different European teams had announced that they would use it during the World Cup despite FIFA’s refusal.

However, the international soccer federation announced that the captains of the teams that wear this armband they would receive a yellow card as a sanction. It was then that the national teams backed down with their proposal.

Despite FIFA’s rejection, from the company that manufactures the bracelets in Utrecht, the Netherlands, they announced that sold out after sending 10,000most in the last two weeks where they are priced just above manufacturing cost which are 4.99 euros, that is, 852.84 Argentine pesos.

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“The big boom came with the coming of the World Cup and certainly with FIFA’s statement not to allow these captain’s armbands on the pitch,” Badge Direct BV CEO Roland Heerkens said.

The bracelet has a rainbow flag in the shape of a heart with a number 1 in the center, surrounded by the text One Love on each side and the words “football connects” in italics below.

World Cup Qatar 2022: seven teams will not wear the One Love bracelet

Germany’s claim

Germany was one of the teams that had announced that it would wear the One Love bracelet and reversed its decision after the threat of reprimand announced by FIFA. However, they did not remain silent. Before the start of their first match against Japan, the 11 German starters posed for the cameras with their mouths covered in demand of this sanction and as a protest against the lack of freedom of expression.

Also, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer came out to play with rainbow colors on his boots and he was one of the promoters of the photo of the team with their hands over their mouths, a clear sign of the lack of freedom of expression.

Source: Scope

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