One month has passed since the disappearance of Maximiliano Pimentel

Saturday May 14, 2022 | 12:45 p.m.

Relatives of the young man from Irigoyen, Maximiliano Pimentel (24), a month after his disappearance, still do not know anything about what happened that night of last April 12, when he was seen for the last time since he left his house in Bernardo de Irigoyen, to transport a batch of Argentine wines to Brazil, which he usually did like many in the locality, but he never returned.

In the midst of the search for the young man, on the night of Good Friday, his cousin, Diego Pimentel (31), was shot to death at the hands of Adilson Zang (33), who was later arrested and was with whom Maximiliano worked.

For the Pimentel family, Zang is the main suspect in the disappearance of ‘Maxi’ because he was their employer in the informal sale of wines, even that night they were seen together.

With the anguish of not knowing what to do anymore, two weeks after the disappearance, the Pimentel family decided to offer a reward of 1 million pesos for those who provide accurate information that guides the investigation and leads to the discovery of Maximiliano, but so far no There are certain clues that can lead them to find the young man, beyond the investigations and intelligence work of the Misiones police and their Brazilian counterparts.

In dialogue with El Territorio Fernanda Pimentel, Maxi’s sister, mentioned: “We no longer know what to do, where to look, but we need to find my brother, he has a family waiting for him, two small children who ask for him, so we We strongly urge people who know or have seen something, to tell us, any information that leads us to his whereabouts, where he is or if they did something to him, but to be certain, we are going to pay for that information, the money belongs to the family and we make ourselves available in case someone knows something and wants to tell us”.

For his part Antonio Pimentel, Maxi’s father, added: “Please, we need the collaboration of society and our authorities, for us any data that can lead us to Maxi or know what happened to him is very important, it is very desperate It is very sad to live in a situation like ours”.

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