One more to the list: Colo Colo is interested in Matías Moya by 2023

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The Argentine-Chilean striker Matías Moya is one of the new names that was analyzed at the meeting of the Colo Colo leadership in the Football Commission.

Colo Colo is interested in Matías Moya for 2023.
© Agency OneColo Colo is interested in Matías Moya for 2023.

Colo Colo continues to work hard in the search for new reinforcements for the next season of the 2022 National Championship. The club’s leadership was this morning at a new meeting of the Football Commission, in which some names were analyzed.

One of the new names that was lived during the present day was that of the Argentine-Chilean striker Matías Moyawho works as a footballer for nublense. The attacker had a good season with the Chillanejo team on the left wing, in which he played a total of 27 games throughout the season in the championship.

It is that in the middle of the meeting that was held this morning in the monumental stadiumthe possibility of matias moya, in which he is one of the names that could convince Gustavo Quinteros to add as a reinforcement for the following season and add an alternative on the left wing.

Colo Colo wants to add a new striker.

Colo Colo has no problem adding Matías Moya for the following seasonThis is a product of the fact that striker Matías Moya has dual Argentine-Chilean nationality, so he has no problem reaching the Cacique, despite the fact that one of the bases of the tournament that the clubs want for the following year is to increase a quota for foreigners. .

It is that according to the reports that have been released prior to the meeting in the council of presidents, is that there may be the option of adding the possibility of increasing the foreign quota with a new footballerwhere they even state that they may have the option that the clubs can join two foreign footballers.

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