One of the best shares of Piazza Affari is in the balance between rise and fall

What are the best stocks listed on Piazza Affari? Some specialized magazines report indicators that rate different aspects of a stock: its dividend yield, its valuation, past and future revenues and earnings, its financial situation and its growth prospects.

By applying this ranking to companies in the Piazza Affari with capitalization over 500 million euros, the ranking obtained in the first three places sees Azimut Holding, Danieli and Stellantis.

Among the strengths of Stellantis is that, whatever the metric used, Stellantis shares are highly undervalued. Suffice it to say that the company’s price-to-earnings (PE) ratio is one tenth of the industry average (2.8 vs 28.7). The price-to-turnover ratio, which is 0.3, is also among the lowest on the market. This level of undervaluation remains even if the field is extended to the whole European sector.

In essence, therefore, the stock has high margins of appreciation.

Furthermore, the stock distributes a dividend whose yield is, at present, equal to about 8%, while in the future, according to analysts, it could even be close to 10%.

Finally, according to what is reported in specialized magazines, analysts are also very optimistic about the title, with an average consensus to buy and an average target price that expresses an undervaluation of around 60%. However, there is a strong difference between the best and worst stock recommendations. The dispersion between the various recommendations, in fact, is equal to 25%.

One of the best shares of Piazza Affari is in the balance between rise and fall

The title Stellantis (MIL: STLA) closed the session on 16 September down by 2.08% compared to the previous session, at 13.4 euros.

At present, what is one of the best shares of Piazza Affari is in the balance between rise and fall. As you can see from the graph, in fact, the prices are suspended between the bullish projection (dotted line) and the bearish one (solid line).

The key area for understanding future movements is identified by the levels of 13.32 euros and 13.39 euros.

An external daily close at one of these levels could give direction to the prices. The objectives could be those indicated by the red lines in the figure.


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