One of the suspected spies is released – suspicions remain

The woman in the couple who was arrested in a dawn raid on Tuesday has now been released.

The couple, who are in their 60s, with roots in Russia, were arrested in their villa in an affluent area of ​​the Stockholm area. Witnesses to the effort has described how the police were celebrated down from helicopters and entered through the windows.

The man is suspected of having conducted gross illegal intelligence activities for ten years and the woman of aiding and abetting. Now the woman is released, but the suspicions remain.

Could have been going on for ten years

The man received Swedish citizenship in October 2012, while the woman received citizenship in January 2010. It is in the same vein that the couple is suspected of having started committing the suspected crimes, which, among other things, consist of “meetings with business contacts/suppliers”.

No later than tomorrow Friday at 12, the prosecutor must decide whether the man in the same case should be requested to be detained or released.

Both suspects deny any crime, their respective defense attorneys said on Tuesday.

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The photos are taken from the Russian social media Odnoklassniki and were taken around ten years ago, before the couple stopped updating the site. Photo: Private

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