One of the women arrested for the theft of the baby from the Paroissien hospital admitted to the prosecutor her responsibility in the event: what did she say

One of the women arrested for the theft of the baby from the Paroissien hospital admitted to the prosecutor her responsibility in the event: what did she say

The detainees: Georgina Ayelén Rodríguez (33); her partner, Emanuel Alejandro Velázquez (21); and her daughter, Milagros Ailén Rodríguez (18)

The three detainees accused of stealing a newborn baby from the Paroissien Interzonal Hospital from the Buenos Aires town of Isidro Casanova, La Matanza district, and who appeared seven hours later, were investigated this Sunday for the crime of “child abduction.” Sources with access to the file confirmed to infobae that the eldest of the women admitted that she took the girl. In addition, he released the other two suspects from responsibilities: his partner and his daughter. The arrest of all those involved was formally requested.

Georgina Ayelen Rodriguez (33), his daughter Milagros Ailén Rodríguez (18) and the partner of the eldest of the women, Emanuel Alejandro Velazquez (21), the three accused of having participated in the abduction of the two-day-old baby from a room in the maternity sector of the paroisien hospitalsat down this Sunday afternoon in front of the head of the Functional Instruction Unit No. 3 of the Judicial Department of La Matanza, Gaston Bianchi.

During the investigation, according to sources of the investigation to this outlet, Velázquez attributed the responsibility for the incident to his partner, Georgina Ayelén Rodríguez, who was also investigated and took charge of the theft of the baby. “Said she wanted to have a baby”, the same sources explained to this medium about the unusual excuse given by the 33-year-old woman. Meanwhile, her 18-year-old daughter refused to testify.

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“Rodríguez took charge of the abduction of the baby and He released his daughter and his partner from responsibility”, detailed the sources consulted and said that it will be the Court of Guarantees that will resolve the formal request for the arrest of the suspects. For the moment, they also ruled out that the girl’s biological father, a 33-year-old man, had some kind of connection to the event, as was suspected at first.

Aimara, the baby that was stolen
Aimara, the baby that was stolen

During the last hours, the girl’s grandmother, who is already in good condition with her family, told the press that the people who took her granddaughter “they had changed her clothes, put her in boy’s clothes, bought her a bottle and diapers, they gave him milk bought in a supermarket; she had a light blue blanket and her clothes were in a bag, ”said María Elena.

About the arrested suspect, the grandmother revealed: “Apparently, he is the husband of the woman (who had stolen the girl) and when she appeared at the house with the girl, he took her out and said: ‘what did you do, what did you do‘”.

It all started in the early hours of this Saturday at the Isidro Casanova hospital, in San Justo. According to police sources, the child’s mother reported that when she woke up for a medical check-up, she noticed that her daughter, Aymara, was not in the crib. Both shared room 210 with two other patients with their respective children, who had not noticed the absence of the minor either.

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Thus began a desperate search. When reviewing the records and the hospital security cameras, the investigators found a suspect: the 01.25a light-haired woman, dressed in sportswear and wearing a mask, went to the maternity ward and asked for room 210. But the staff there denied her entry because she was not a relative and, consequently, she withdrew .

The robbery at the Paroissien Hospital occurred during the early hours of this Saturday
The robbery at the Paroissien Hospital occurred during the early hours of this Saturday

Around 6, the same woman was recorded sitting outside the hospital next to a young woman. At that time the hospital guard was relieved and at 6.15 the suspect appeared again with the intention of accessing Elizabeth and Aimara’s room. This time, she was able to do it because the employee on duty allowed him to enter “without making any record in the corresponding book”the sources said.

After about three minutes, the cameras showed the suspect leaving the hospital with a backpack in her back: it is believed that he was carrying the baby there. And once outside, he met the young woman who was with her and they walked down the avenue, according to the reconstruction of the events.

After almost seven hours of searching, in which the image of the newborn was viralized on social networks, the baby was found after 1 p.m., at the door of the San José de Isidro Casanova Parish in the arms of Velázquez who, when asked by the policemen, He responded “evasively”.

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