One-off payment: Child benefit allowance: when the child bonus is transferred

The traffic light wants to support families with a one-off child bonus of 100 euros. When can parents expect the money?

  • Many families in Germany suffer from high energy and food prices and inflation
  • In order to relieve them, the federal government has introduced a one-off child bonus
  • Soon there will be an extra 100 euros per child – but when will the money be paid out?

The war in Ukraine has pushed energy prices up further, the inflation rate has risen to its highest level in around 40 years: the cost of living in Germany is becoming ever more expensive. In order to compensate for the effects, the traffic light government decided on a second relief package at the end of April.

This includes, among other things, an energy price flat rate, a monthly public transport ticket at a price of nine euros for three months and a children’s bonus for families. But how high is it? child bonus exactly and when should it be paid out?

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Child benefit subsidy: Families receive a child bonus of 100 euros per child

Basically, the child bonus should amount to 100 euros per child and once in addition to the child benefit via the family funds be paid out. In principle, all parents in Germany are entitled to the one-off payment.

Just like the one-off payments in the Corona years 2020 and 2021, the child bonus 2022 will also be counted towards the child allowance. Top earners therefore benefit little or not at all from the relief payment. On the other hand, the child bonus should not be offset against social benefits. Recipients of social benefits should also receive a further subsidy of 100 euros in addition to the bonus of 100 euros that has already been decided.

Child benefit subsidy: when is the bonus paid?

It has not yet been fully clarified when families can count on the child bonus. The cabinet decision states that the one-off bonus should be paid out “as soon as possible”. According to the latest announcements, families should spend the money in the July obtain.

That federal cabinet has already decided on the package, now the law still has to be passed by the Bundestag and Bundesrat. The relief package should then come into force on June 1, 2022.

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