"One-off payments fizzle out"

Karl Dürtscher at “Vorarlberg LIVE”.

Karl Dürtscher, Federal Manager of the GPA union, was a guest on “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Tuesday.

The trade unions started the autumn wage round on Monday with a demand for a wage and salary increase of 10.6 percent for the metalworking industry. “It is now also a question of strengthening people’s purchasing power. The unions will not allow any real wage losses. 10.6 percent more is therefore a correct demand,” said Karl Dürtscher, GPA managing director and chief negotiator from Schruns. The opposite side of the employer representatives was not very happy about the demands. At “Vorarlberg LIVE” Dürtscher will give the two positions for the following salary negotiations, which are considered trend-setting for all sectors.

Not an easy task

Schrunser Karl Dürtscher has been at the forefront of KV negotiations for many years. The national manager of the Union of Private Employees (GPA) is preparing for tough negotiations with the employers’ representatives, whose negotiating team has also long been led by a Hohenems resident, the industrialist Johannes Collini. Both are aware that in the current difficult situation, it is not an easy task for them, especially since further negotiations in all sectors are based on the result of the metallers. At Vorarlberg LIVE, the employee representative answered questions from moderator Magdalena Raos.

It is understandable that employers react negatively to the demands, but the 10.6 percent increase in wages and salaries is realistic: “The basis is the rise in prices and the development of the industry and you can say that the industry has done very well. The employees rightly expect compensation and a share in the success.”

“One-off payments to compensate for inflation are not an instrument for us,” explains Dürtscher, who negotiates for the GPA in the various collective agreements in 170 years. That fizzles out, but inflation remains. “It has to be said that the companies are able to pass on the prices and the employees cannot be the ones who get stuck with inflation.”

According to Dürtscher, one trump card in the negotiations is the lack of employees: employers today have to offer better conditions if they want good employees, so working hours are an issue.”

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