One Piece Fan Art Gives Wano An Epic Ending With Traditional Art

One Piece Fan Art Gives Wano An Epic Ending With Traditional Art

Now that the Wano War arc has come to an end in the manga pages of one pieceand the anime is still looking to translate some of the biggest moments of the fight between Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates and Kaido and his Beast Pirates, the Straw Hats are still feeling the after effects of the Wano Arc.

This is how an amateur artist took the opportunity to represent one of the most important moments that followed the end of the War for Wanobringing together some of the most important residents of the isolated nation as a new future awaited them, as one of the biggest moments the anime adaptation has yet to cover is the arrival of Luffy’s newest and most powerful transformation.

And it is that Gear Fifth has given the Pirate the ability to transform into a living cartoon, so despite creating strange faces that would make us think of Looney Tunes, Gear Fifth he can also help Luffy grow astronomically in size and even launch attacks that involve Monkey plucking lightning from the sky and hurling it at his opponents.

So, this moment is taken advantage of by the fans of Eiichiro Odawho is working on the final Straw Hats saga as the shonen story is gearing up to close out the Grand Line story.

This artist can be found on twitter as Justin96636, where he introduced us to one of the most important moments from the end of the War for Wano Arc, in which the residents of Wano Country were finally shown how their future would change as a result of Luffy and the resistance fighters will defeat Kaido, Big Mom and the savage Beasts Pirates army.

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