One Piece lends Tengu, the new member of the Kozuki clan

Now that the War for Wano has come to an end, the shonen series of Eiichiro Oda still throws up a few big reveals, one of which the future of the Wano nation is heralding to change and improve permanently, and that is that One Piece is scheduled to go on hiatus for several weeks, giving Oda time to prepare for what’s next. which is billed as the “final arc” of the series, but in the meantime, a new member of the Oden family has been revealed.

If you haven’t read One Piece manga Chapter 1053 yet, you might not be ready to read the rest of this note.

You see, one of the members of the Wano resistance was the mysterious masked man known as Tengu, who had previously helped the Straw Hat Pirates in their titanic fight against the ruthless tyrants who had the country under their control.

So now that he has removed his mask while talking to Nico Robin, Tengu is revealed to be none other than Kozuki Sukiyaki, meaning Oden’s father and Momonosuke’s grandfather, that is why Robin has been surprised by his revelation, causing the Straw Hats to wonder if Sukiyaki will reveal his secret to Momo, and Tengu replies that it is a secret that he will continue to keep very close to his chest:

“I have no intention of telling him, although perhaps the vassals know. I am the same man who allowed Orochi to take control of the land of Wano. How could I dare go public and declare my survival? By the time I finally escaped this room with my life intact, Oden had died, and Wano had changed terribly. I thought of committing Seppuku, right on the spot…”

So before continuing his story, Nico Robin asks Oden’s father if an ancient weapon is still within Wano’s borders, and Sukiyaki confirms that “Pluton” is still in the isolated nation, perhaps sowing the seeds. for another journey for the Straw Hats to undertake.

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