One Piece Odyssey and 2 other Bandai Namco titles present at gamescom 2022

News event One Piece Odyssey and 2 other Bandai Namco titles present at gamescom 2022

One Piece Odyssey will be part of the line-up of software presented on the Namco Bandai stand during gamescom 2022. What other surprises does the publisher have in store for us as part of this event?

Two years after the virtual editions set up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gamescom is preparing its big return to the Cologne Convention Center at the end of August. As we explained to you previously, the 2022 edition of gamescom will take place both remotely and in physical version to satisfy as many people as possible from August 24 to 28. As a bonus, an inaugural evening headed by Geoff Keighley and baptized Opening Night Live will be held on Tuesday, August 23.

One Piece Odyssey and 2 other Bandai Namco titles present at gamescom 2022

Bandai Namco unveils its line-up

The big German fair is an appointment that most publishers would not miss for anything in the world, like Bandai Namco announces a line-up of three games, including the highly anticipated One Piece Odyssey ! All the members of the Straw Hat crew will be playable in this new episode which transposes the universe of Eiichiro Oda’s manga into a title with pronounced role-playing components. Based on an entirely new story, One Piece Odyssey can count on a design signed by the mangaka himself (for new characters and monsters) as well as the talent of a genius composer: Motoi Sakuraba (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Dark Souls…). The story begins when Monkey D. Luffy and his companions are stranded on a mysterious island and find themselves brutally separated…

Alongside One Piece Odyssey, two other titles will grace Bandai Namco’s booth at gamescom 2022. Designed by German studio Limbic Entertainment, Park Beyond takes a whole new approach to amusement park management simulations.

In the shoes of a visionary architect, players will have to tackle the fantastic task of building and managing every detail of their own amusement park, with a touch of originality. – bandai namco

With its completely crazy attractions, Park Beyond could be a serious competitor to Planet Coaster, as we told you in our preview.

Finally, in a completely different style, publisher Bandai Namco will present the fourth installment of the cinematic horror game saga The Dark Pictures Anthology. The creators of The Quarry rely on The Devil In Me to effectively close season 1 of this horrific fresco appreciated by players. If the rumors about the release of the game are confirmed, we could see The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me appear around November 30 this year!

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