One-Punch Man creator reveals details of Versus, his next series

Recently the creator of the epic anime One Punch Manbetter known as ONEhad talked about his next project, especially after he has become a strong contender in the anime world, creating such powerful series as Mob Psycho 100 and One-Punch Man.

Now, since each of these series is perhaps best known for its incredible action settings and some of the toughest battles, so much so that they can even end up entire worlds, but now, the mangaka is ready to explore a new world. in which humans will fight demons as the fate of the world. Hang on a wire.

Versus, as described so far, will center around forty-seven heroes facing off against forty-seven demons in a battle that sounds similar to Record of Ragnarok, an anime series that pitted some of the best in the world against each other. humanity, with the strongest deities come together in an effort to save planet Earth.

This new anime series, scheduled to arrive this coming Saturday, November 26, will be released through one of Shueisha’s biggest publications and will see the mysterious manga writer team up with artist Kyoutaro Azuma, who has worked on a few manga. notable fighting games in the past, including King of Fighters and Tenkaichi for example.

The next publication of Shonen Sirius has a new cover that presents two of the main protagonists of the new ONE series, showing one of the warriors who will defend humanity and what appears to be a kind of pig, fairy creature that very he will probably be the comic relief in this savage war.

The anime, ONE has some big things on the horizon, as Mob Psycho 100 continues to release new episodes as part of its third season that focuses on the powerful headcase known as the Mob, and One-Punch Man has confirmed that a third season is in the works. along the way it will dive even deeper into the conflict between Saitama and the Monster Association.

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