"One would rather rule wrongly than not at all"

The SPD, FDP and the Greens have presented their coalition agreement. What is a great success for some triggers resentment and sharp criticism in others. The reactions at a glance.

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It has taken almost two months since the federal election, now the SPD, Greens and FDP have created the basis for their cooperation in a new federal government. “Dare to make more progress: Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Sustainability” is the title of the 177-page work. Here you can find an overview.

There was immediate criticism from the Union. The party calls the coalition agreement of the planned traffic light coalition insufficient. “We do not recognize the departure,” said Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU). It is also not clear how the plans of the planned new federal government are financially underpinned.

“Christmas preferred”

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak hit the same note. The coalition agreement is “pale” and “vague”. The traffic light parties would also have missed the opportunity to set up a digital ministry. When it comes to financing, there are “more question marks than exclamation marks”. The impression arises that “Christmas was brought forward” without saying “how this should be financed”. Brinkhaus and Ziemiak were also concerned about the chapter on migration policy. The “legalization of illegal migration” occupies a large area there, said Brinkhaus.

The CDU member of the Bundestag Kai Whittaker particularly criticized the traffic light share pension. She was way too thin, the politician told t-online. “10 billion is a drop in the ocean when it comes to securing pensions in the long term. The ink under the coalition agreement is not yet dry, but improvements have to be made. False start!”

“There remains perplexity and bewilderment”

The deputy chief of the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Gitta Connemann, sharply criticized the coalition agreement of the traffic light parties. She said to t-online: “After reading the coalition agreement for the first, second, and third time, the following remains: perplexity and bewilderment. Departure is different. There is no trace of the much-cited daring. After the announcements made last week, it ended up being a bedside rug.”

Gitta Connemann: “After the announcements made last week, it ended up being a bedside rug,” says the Union’s Vice President. (Source: Political-Moments / imago images)

Connemann adds: “This is not a coalition of progress. It is an empty phrase. The surface is scratched. Foundations are looked for in vain. Many goals are formulated without a way to get there. And for the FDP, it is true that one would rather govern wrongly now than not at all. “

Green youth: pent-up demand in social policy

The Green Party’s up-and-coming generation does not consider the coalition agreement that has been concluded to be sufficient. “Even if the coalition agreement basically points in the right direction, it does not yet do justice to social needs,” said the chairman of the Green Youth, Sarah-Lee Heinrich. She sees a need to catch up in climate protection and social policy and calls for a move away from Hartz IV: “The fact that the standard rate does not increase, although it is well below the subsistence level, is fatal.”

Heinrich’s co-chairman Timon Dzienus sees a great need for action in the transport sector: “The switch to electromobility is by no means a traffic turnaround. We can only achieve more and climate-friendly mobility through massive investments in buses, trains and bicycles.”

The climate protection movement Fridays for Future was also dissatisfied with the climate protection projects. The coalition agreement is not sufficient for compliance with the 1.5 degree limit, said the activists. “With the measures they have presented, the three parties consciously decide to further escalate the climate crisis,” it said.

Juso chief Rosenthal criticizes plans for refugee policy

The federal chairwoman of the Young Socialists, Jessica Rosenthal, also does not agree with all points in the coalition agreement. She told “Spiegel”: “For us, an open society also includes a humane refugee policy”. The border protection agency Frontex could not be the answer.

There is still a lack of work and social issues. “Especially for young people, for whom a strong offer is being made in many places, it would have been important to finally abolish the non-objective time limit,” said Rosenthal. In general, however, she sees the agreement as positive, the traffic light stands for a new departure, especially in terms of socio-political issues. She also advocates the legalization of cannabis.

FDP parliamentary group vice praises transatlantic commitment

There are other positive reactions, for example, from the ranks of the FDP. Michael Theurer, vice-parliamentary group of the FDP in the Bundestag, named the commitment to the transatlantic economic area as a “special highlight in the coalition agreement” in an interview with t-online. “Now that TTIP has been in the freezer for years, it is a positive sign that the new federal government would like to intensify the exchange with the USA on promoting trade, investment and common standards,” he says.

Sören Bartol, deputy head of the SPD parliamentary group, particularly praises the traffic light plans for sustainable modernization of the mobility sector. “We are massively strengthening local public transport and will significantly increase the expansion of the rail network. This coalition is united by the will to achieve the 2030 climate targets in the transport sector and at the same time to offer people better, affordable mobility, especially in rural areas,” he said. on-line.

By strengthening e-mobility, the future government will also secure the future of the German automotive industry. The coalition agreement gives “a clear signal of support to cities and regions for converting their mobility infrastructure to more environmentally friendly transport,” continued Bartol.

The complete coalition agreement You will find here for download.

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