One year after the departure of D10S: Archive jewel of Diego Maradona playing baby soccer against Colo Colo in 1994

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The game was played on July 16, 1994 at the Caupolicán Theater (former Monumental Theater), just after the Argentine star tested positive for doping in the United States World Cup. The result was 13 to 13 and he was suspended in the absence of a minute of play due to the bad behavior of the Cacique’s fans.

Diego scored a couple of good goals that night against Cacique.
© File.Diego scored a couple of good goals that night against Cacique.

Today, November 25, 2021, a new year of the death of Diego Armando Maradona is commemorated, who 365 days ago left this world after a cardiorespiratory arrest at his home in Buenos Aires from which he could not get up.

The world soccer star died with just 60 years of age and a million stories in the world of soccer. Obviously Colo Colo has a place among them, with a little remembered game of Baby Soccer (or soccer 5 if you prefer) that played with the Argentine team at the Caupolicán Theater (former Monumental Theater)

The match was played on July 16, 1994, just after Pelusa tested positive for doping and was expelled from the World Cup in the United Statess, a competition that saw its grand finale between Brazil and Italy a day later at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles.

In the Albiceleste national team, players of the stature of Alberto Acosta and Néstor Gorosito, while Fabián Estay, Marcelo Espina and Marcelo Vega saw action at the Cacique, to name a few.

Regrettably the bad behavior of some was present in the stands, forcing the match to be suspended when everything was 13-13 on the scoreboard and with a minute still to play.

Maradona had played his last game on June 25 against Nigeria in Boston and showed glimpses of his talent, earning applause from the colocolina partiality, who at the end of the match fought to keep their shirt after being thrown by the same 10 to the rostrum.

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