OneNote for Windows 10: The Universal App finally dies in October

Microsoft’s note-taking app OneNote is practical and also extremely popular, but the Redmond company had two versions on offer for a long time. Because actually one wanted to replace the former Win32 application with the Universal App, but now it is exactly the other way round.

The back-and-forth to OneNote was a pretty impressive mess, in a way Microsoft had to blame themselves. Because the Redmond company actually wanted to replace the classic application with the universal app called OneNote for Windows 10. However, users didn’t think that was a good thing, and ultimately Microsoft decided to make a 180-degree turn.

October is the end of OneNote for Windows 10

They brought back the old OneNote flavor and announced that the Win32 version would stay and get the improvements of the RRP app. Instead, the latter should or will retire. The merger of the two applications has now been completed and that also means that the last hours and days have beaten for the universal app.

And that will be the case very soon: According to an entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap (via dr Windows) the EIA version will disappear as early as October (Microsoft did not name an exact date, however). Strictly speaking, this version will be replaced by the future only OneNote app. It is not yet known what happens to users who have installed and also use the UVP app: On Windows 10 it can be assumed that the app can still be used. However, if you (re)install Windows 11, you will undoubtedly only be able to install the new application. As Martin Geuß notes, this could be different with Windows 10, since the UVP app itself was or is preinstalled here, but the Redmond company has not yet commented on this.

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