Only Murders in the Building 2, preview review

Only Murders in the Building 2 is one of the most anticipated June news on Disney Plus. Starting June 28, the second season, produced by 20th Television and originally distributed by Hulu, will be available on the streaming platform with dubbing in Italian. Steve Martin (creator together with John Hoffman), Selena Gomez And Martin Short they are ready to return in a new chapter full of mystery and light comedy.

Story of three “do it yourself” investigators

The first season presented the three bizarre protagonists to the public. Charles-Haden Savage, Mabel Mora And Oliver Putnam live alone in a luxurious condominium, theArconia, on the Upper West Side. This, by the way, is the main place where all events take place. It is quite rare that some sequences are set outdoors. The three met for the first time on the evening when the body of Tim Kono, one of the tenants they had met in the elevator that same evening. Crime and podcast aficionados, Charles, Mabel and Oliver set out to solve the mystery on their own.

Mabel, Oliver and Charles

When the culprit is finally exposed, everything seems to have worked out for the best, until they are found on. a new crime scene. A new murder suggests that the three are directly involved … Or maybe someone wants to frame them?

What happens in Only Murders in the Building 2?

This is exactly how the second season begins. A new case pushes Charles and his companions to release a new edition of their podcast, now listened to by many fans of True Crime. The cast is partly the same but, like the trailer has already revealed, it also provides for the presence of new faces, of which we can already make some small hints.

Mabel and Alice
Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne plays the character of Alicea young arist with a particular interest in Mabel; Amy Schumer she plays the role of herself, just as she had done Sting in the first season; the grandiose Shirley McLane is in the shoes of a new character to be discovered. A new one to solve, further figures, unexpected plunges into the past of the protagonists and other big secrets that the Arconia hides. Only Murders in the Building 2 is an interesting new chapter that continues to surprise the viewer, one episode after another.

The storytelling goes from good to better

The strengths of the first season are confirmed in Only Murders in the Building 2. The main advantage of the work has always been that of not allowing one film / television genre to prevail over the other. What makes the Martin-Hoffman product fresh is theharmony that there is between the comic and the mysterious character. It is light but never superficial, funny but never ridiculous. The narrative, typical of thrillers and detective stories, manages to reveal or hide important details, indulging a fast pace but always gradualand preventing the presence of any “deux ex machina” within the staging.

A new secret is hiding in the Arconia
Only Murders in the Building 2

Compared to the first season, Only Murders in the Building 2 it does not lose its color, on the contrary it tries to go even deeper, both in history and in its essential structure. It delves into the background of the characters trying to bring it to the surface, linking past and present through continuous and often unpredictable twists. In this sense, the new episodes are greatly enriched, without ever exaggerating. The plots are becoming more and more interesting, increasing one of the peculiarities of this series: the faculty of doubt even the protagonists. The work, often and willingly, unhinges some dogmas of the detective story while still managing to maintain a credible structure, albeit with small elements of the absurd. In short, Only Murders in the Building 2 she can be bizarre and plausible at the same time, respectful of her gender and at the same time out of the ordinary. And this clever mix works once again.

The (meta) theatricality of Only Murders in the Building 2

The word “absurd” used a little while ago is by no means accidental. The second season proves that it hasn’t lost even those elements of its own comedy that bring it closer to Theater of the Absurd of the second half of the twentieth century. Often the dialogues are almost disconnected from the real situation that the characters live, yet somehow they carry the narrative with ease, between a shrewd humor and comic curtains that are reminiscent of theatrical staging. On the other hand, Charles and Oliver, major sources of hilarity, are as entangled in the world of acting just like their performers.

Charles and Oliver discover something
Only Murders in the Building 2

Savage is a longtime actor best known for his role as the detective Brazzos. It is precisely from him, in fact, that he draws inspiration in the investigations in the Arconia. Putnam is a failed and penniless theater director, who sees each case as a great play or a great game in which the killer must be found. The new season sees a long emblematic scene: those present in the room compete in a role-playing game that aims to find a killer. Oliver leads the game, putting together a story, a mirror of the story that the characters are living for real. These layers and substrates overlap more and more, giving birth to a kind of history within history.

These interludes, even more than the ordinary narration, offer the possibility to indulge a little more with direction, photography, editing, lighting and costumes. The series has always stood out for its luminous hues and its bright colors, underlining its lighter and never somber nature. The skilful use of the camera, together with everything that makes up every single shot, creates scenes well told through the images. Frequent, for example, are the visual overlays to show narrative coincidences.

Camera looks and other meta-theatrical gimmicks

These are just some of the many meta-theatrical aspects of Only Murders in the Building 2. The same title of the series appears in the staging as the name of the podcast, which is why all the characters often pronounce it, almost as if they were aware of being part of it. Amy Schuman, in one of the first episodes, proposes to Putnam to create a series based on the radio program, giving life to a sort of narrative Matryoshka.

Oliver addresses the audience
Only Murders in the Building 2

Still, the characters, especially Oliver, often look at the camera lens, breaking the stage illusion and showing the audience that they know the fictitious nature of the story of which they are part. “We see that we are in the second season” is one of the most emblematic phrases pronounced in a moment of particular familiarity with regard to investigations. It is a nice reference that breaks the so-called fourth walljoking on the full awareness of being looking at a new, more solid product, in which everyone is starting to get carried away.

In conclusion

Indeed it is. Only Murders in the Building 2 it is clearly an even more elaborate version of the previous season, richer in many ways. There is a very strong awareness of what is being done, and the first 6 episodes are already enough to foresee a grand finale, full of unexpected twists and turns.

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