Opazo claims to have a healthy competition with Rojas

One of the positions that has well covered Colo Colo It’s the one on the right side. Oscar Opazo, Jeyson rojas and Bruno Gutierrez are the three players who have been used by coach Gustavo Quinteros in the position where currently, “Torta” is the starter.

Precisely, Opazo, referred to what the fight for ownership with Rojas and Gutiérrez has been and assured that it is a healthy fight.

“The issue of competition is clear, not only in my position, but in everyone. We have players who are very well prepared, especially for all youth players. The competition is very healthy. The coach has the responsibility to choose who plays and I tried to show my game in training“said Opazo.

The “Torta” returned to ownership after the injury suffered by Rojas, but the former Santiago Wanderers maintained that he is playing on his own merits, not because of the youth squad’s physical problems.

“Jeyson has a lot of future, I’m sure he will play for many years in Colo Colo, but I think I’m playing on my own merit, not just because of the injury. I have felt comfortable and I know that I still need to show my 100% in the team, “said the player.

Finally, he referred to the possibility of being considered in the Chilean team by coach Martín Lasarte and was clear when expressing that he must work well in Colo Colo.

“By doing things well in the team, the doors in the national team open. I have not had the opportunity to go, I have been coming out of a very long injury and I have felt good. I want to do things well and if I continue on that path, it is a door that could be opened, “said Opazo.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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