Opazo enjoys the pressure that this Superclassic gives

Óscar Opazo faced the microphones at the Monumental Stadium in the prelude to the Superclásico this Sunday against the University of Chile, a duel that can mark a lot for the Cacique in his fight to win the title in this 2021 National Championship.

The side of the albos maintained thinking about this duel against the blues that “We arrived in the best way. We have had a rise in the last games. We are convinced of the work that is being done day by day. They are separate games and we are very focused on what it means, beyond the classic, since it would allow us to escape if we win from the UC that has free and from the U “.

When asked about the way in which they hope to win the victory, Torta was clear in saying that “It doesn’t give us the same to win anyway. We always try to go to the court with the idea of ​​the game that we work on, we propose and that identifies us. That is the approach we seek, to win the classic in our own way ”.

“Already after on the court it can be done in another way, but we want to do it by playing well, pressing and winning on the wings”, added.

On the importance of keeping the three points, the white player affirmed “Every weekend we have an exam. We are not going to deny the importance of the superclassic, but we know that it is one more game that can bring us closer to the goal of being a champion. The importance is much greater, because it means increasing the advantage of our pursuers, in addition to being a classic. We hope to do the things we have been working on ”.

Óscar Opazo still doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a Superclásico to U. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Finally, he analyzed the pressure they have as a team defending the leadership and the years without losing in this kind of duels. Both are important. It’s hard to choose. In this game the tip and the years of undefeated in the classic are played. There are many things at stake, it is a nice pressure to continue at the top and extend our supremacy in the classic “, he concluded.

Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile will take to the field this Sunday, September 26 at El Teniente de Rancagua starting at 4:30 p.m. and you can follow it LIVE and LIVE by DaleAlbo.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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